Another Kinect game flops. KSR - 5/10

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Oh boy.@FreedomFreeLife on suicide watch

Kinect Sports Rivals is an inconsistent collection that will get you up off the couch and moving around for a bit of mild fun, but that's about the best you can say for it.

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Kinect(lol) the joke of the gaming industry. lol

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Keep it in the hype thread please, lockage. :P

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Lol wasn't that lemming free-something hyping this to the clouds and a bunch of other desperate lema supporting him? Kinect Flops Rivals was always a flop, anything kinect is, in fact the title of this thread is redundant.

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Anyone who thought any different needs their head read. Kinect is a piece of shit and always will be.

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@SecretPolice said:

Keep it in the hype thread please, lockage. :P

You aren't a mod so I'll take my chances thank you. Plus it's not as if there's a sticky for it like there was for Infamous & TF.

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Lems did right to not hype that game. Of course theres always that one... @FreedomFreeLife

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Kinect sucks for gaming. The technology impresses and intrigues me, I'm pretty sure I'll get one to **** about with on PC when they release it. But they really messed up thinking it was the future of gaming and bundling it with every console. Motion controls had their chance on all 3 consoles last gen, and I consider them failures on every one.

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Really bad score but I'm buying it cause my kid and his buddies like the wave racing and the facial tech is pretty cool. Scores are more in the 7 range everywhere else but here that's a big flop of a score. I expected a 7 here based on playing the demo and what Ive seen of the previews. Oh well. Still like it though.