All hail the new graphics king

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#1 Posted by deactivated-57ad0e5285d73 (21398 posts) -
Put yer wieners away hermits, for your crown has been taken. (all in game)Gran Turismo 4K
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#2 Posted by Zeviander (9503 posts) -
High res car models... woooooo
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4k is like higher resolution than a real car :shock:. And the Cell wins again!
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#4 Posted by Z-Fatalis (1058 posts) -

All hail the king :D

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High res car models... wooooooZeviander

It is starting to lose it's charm, isn't it?

Also: How come these "graphic kings" sometimes seem to revolve around racing games? I mean, why?

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#6 Posted by nameless12345 (15125 posts) -

So when are GT6 and PS4K comming out?

I got bored of the sub-1080p GT5 with jaggy shadows and cardboard trees.

Also, you should look up some Project Cars pics running on a high-end, DX11 capable PC.

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#7 Posted by hoola (6422 posts) -

Doesn't this run on something like FOUR combined PS3's?

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This has to be a PS4 game. There's no way in hell that PS3 can render all of that. It does look amazing, yeah!

PCs these days can do beyond that.

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#10 Posted by Wasdie (53438 posts) -

That's Project Cars. Locking this dumb/misleading thread.