After E3, What's the best platform combo going forward?

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Poll: After E3, What's the best platform combo going forward? (107 votes)

PS4 + PC 24%
WIIU + PC 21%
PS4 + XBONE 9%
PS4 + WIIU 34%

So each platform reveals interesting exclusives at E3. Based on this new information at E3, what do you think the best platform combo going forward for those with limited budget and can't afford all platforms?

Please vote thanks

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#51 Edited by Peanutbutterz (215 posts) -

Already ordered my white PS4, and I have a pretty nice PC, so I'd say PS4+PC.

Although it's tempting to go with the Wii U+PC. I haven't bought a Nintendo console (minus handhelds) since the 64, but Nintendo is coming out with some awesome games. Regardless, both of those systems are going to have awesome libraries when it's all said and done this gen.

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#52 Posted by idill23 (1135 posts) -

Anything with a Wii u.

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#53 Posted by LJS9502_basic (158752 posts) -

Honestly if you have a PS4 and a Wii U plus a PC....I doubt you'll miss much....if anything.

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PS3, X1, and PC is doing fine for me. But I will be adding a PS4.

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#55 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (9075 posts) -

@PonchoTaco said:

PC & Wii U