83' new persistent tactical FPS from Rising Storm 2: Vietnam devs

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The Rising Storm 2 devs are working on a new shooter which is 83'. Not a very search engine friendly name though. The game takes place in an alternate Cold War setting where it is between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. This game will have 80 player combat. Apparently the outcome from individual matches adding up kills, captures and other stats will affect the overall conflict and future matches which I guess is what makes this game persistent.

It will also be a "open box development" game. Not really sure what that means.

Another tactical shooter for PC.

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awesome, RS2 is really underrated and one of the best supported multiplayer FPS games right now.

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RS2 is too chaotic in comparison to the old games. You can't tell where anything is coming from. I liked the original Red Orchestra. It was one of my favorite games, but I can't say the same for RO2 or RS2. Just lost something in translation.

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No single player.

i rather wait for Ready or not. a real tactical FPS.

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I'm a huge fan of Antimatter, I'm just surprised they are not teaming up with Tripwire for this one. Looks like an extension of the Rising Storm & Red Orchestra series.

I'll keep my eye on this. 80 player battles and UE 4 could go either way.