Who do you think will win the NHL playoffs?

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Posted by teske4444 (131 posts) 3 years, 6 months ago

Poll: Who do you think will win the NHL playoffs? (5 votes)

Ducks 0%
Kings 40%
Canadiens 0%
Penguins 20%
Blackhawks 0%
Wild 0%
Rangers 20%
Bruins 20%

I know this question is rather late, but I was surprised that no one was talking about the NHL playoffs. From what I've seen, the Rangers have looked pretty outstanding, but somehow fell below the series 2-3. Although the Wild have dominated at home, I don't think that will be enough to bring them to the finals. These are a few things I've noticed, and I was just wondering what other people thought about the playoffs.

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Not much of a hockey fan, but I'll root for the two socal/la teams.

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