Which NBA 2k should I buy?

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Hey everyone, as a basketball and videogames fan, now that the NBA season has ended I was thinking about getting an NBA 2K game. Thing is, I wouldn't like to get the newest one(reasons: KD on GSW, which I think turns the game unbalanced and also I would love to have a game where I can face Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant whenever I want). Since I don't have any NBA 2k game(I had 2k14, but Sony took it away from me when my Plus signature ended), I thought of buying the 2k16. My problem is: has the 2k16 had any update which has retired these players and put KD on GSW already? Or I can buy the game and the rosters will still be from the 15-16 season?

Thank you and sorry for bad english, I am from Brazil.

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always get the new one

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I think the best NBA2K recently was 2015. I don't play it anymore but i do know you can find and download updated rosters (and accurate drafts) for every 2K on PC and most consoles.