Whats your favorite sport?

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Posted by Jaysummonsdemons (82 posts) 1 year, 10 months ago

Poll: Whats your favorite sport? (47 votes)

NBA basketball 15%
NCCA basketball 0%
NCCA football 2%
NFL Football 19%
other 64%

whats your favorite sport and teams???

Mines NBA and all college teams are Florida state, NBA team is chicago, NFL team is Baltimore

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#1 Posted by deactivated-5bb25e4a41d76 (372 posts) -

Mine is MLB but I love college sports, especially softball. Favorite teams are Cardinals (NFL & MLB), Blues, Mavericks, and Razorbacks.

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#2 Posted by thehig1 (6880 posts) -

Football (soccer) not everybody lives in America.

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#3 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (17539 posts) -

Either cricket or motorsport.

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#4 Posted by jcbis2005 (67 posts) -

mine is NFl, College basketball and motorsports, teams are Oakland Raiders and Duke.

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#5 Posted by PopGotcha (716 posts) -

NBA by a long shot. Then AFL (Aussie Football)

Cant stand soccer and baseball

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#6 Posted by Matthew-first (3317 posts) -

NBA then, Volleyball.

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That hurts that hockey just gets regulated to the "other" category. NHL's lack of creating hype around their stars is mind blowing. Actually saw an NHL All-star game ad after the Chiefs/Steelers game and it was painful to watch.

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#9 Posted by Blueresident87 (5814 posts) -

NFL and NHL are two I care about.

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It used to be soccer/futbol. But, I stick to ball juggling nowadays. I wish I was this good. ;)

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#11 Posted by realistic44 (8163 posts) -

Football (American), UFC, Parkour, + NBA (90s).

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#13 Posted by Khazrak134 (143 posts) -

@hrt_rulz01 said:

Either cricket or motorsport.

Formula 1 and Motorsport for me.

favourite team in F1 is Red Bull, Ferarri, and Williams

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#15 Posted by gncalvin (50 posts) -

soccer and hockey xD

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#16 Posted by Audrey17 (9 posts) -

Table Tennis

#Favourite Player

Chen Qi Is Liu Guoliang's

Svetlana Ganina

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#17 Edited by chrisfire77 (106 posts) -

Squash. And a special mention to a sports person with a record no one else can match or better to my knowledge. Her name...Heather Mckay.

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#19 Posted by phoanhcharmmie (2 posts) -

Wow, Its football!

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#20 Posted by killingjoke94 (26 posts) -

Normal football

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#21 Posted by genius2365 (489 posts) -

In order of preference (with favorite team in brackets):

1) NHL (Montreal Canadiens)

2) NBA tied with European Football

3) American Football


Way below is Baseball. Always found it to be too quiet and boring for my taste.

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maybe the question should have been "Whats your fave American sport" haha.

Nah, my main sport is Football or as some of you call it Soccer, Basketball, Handball, Rugby union and few others.

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@genius2365: Good to see another Habs fan!

Hockey is definitely #1, Canadiens for life

Also like soccer/football, but I like playing better than watching

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Cricket ofcourse

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I Love Cricket

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#29 Posted by Todddow (855 posts) -

College football. The only sport I still watch regularly. The game itself is more fun to watch than NFL, the passion is greater, the traditions and bands and stadiums, etc. can't be beat by any other sport, IMO.

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#30 Posted by HEATHEN75 (392 posts) -

Grew up a big baseball fan in the 80's but lost interest and haven't watched a game in about 6 years. Couldn't even name 5 players now. Football is the only sport I follow anymore. Honestly, if it wasn't for my fantasy league, I wouldn't watch nearly as much as I do now. Grew up outside Oakland and the Raiders have always been my team.

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#31 Posted by Mandzilla (1772 posts) -

I like rugby.

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#32 Posted by Meee2333 (7 posts) -

Football, because fantasy and the Sonics skipped town so I don't follow basketball as closely anymore. Go Seahawks and Mariners!

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#33 Posted by austinrhee_gs5 (3 posts) -

Watching the World cup is pretty awesome :)

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#34 Posted by bgres077 (12548 posts) -

NBA. Bucks in Six! (decades)

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NBA & motogp are my favorite games. :)