The world's best EA Sports NHL series human Goalie

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Follow the dream career of the NHL series greatest human Goalie. A hockey gaming living legend. You're sure to become a fan. Go Blues!

  • Name: Erick Colletti
  • Number: 9, but Paul Kariya wears it and I can't change it, so 99.
  • Position: Goalie
  • Play Style: Hybrid
  • Team: St Louis Blues
  • Current Overall Rating: 80
  • Average # of Shots Faced Per Game: 35 to 40
  • Skill Level: All-Star
  • Favorite Goalie Equipment Maker: Brian's
  • Best Save: Two-pad stack glove save on a breakaway against Flyers' Simon Gagne in the 2008-2009 Stanley Cup Final.
  • Number of 3 Stars of the Game: Too many; don't remember.

  • Position Score: A+
  • Team Stats: A+
  • Stats: A+

  • 2008-2009 Stats
  • AHL
  • Games Played: 6
  • Minutes: 358
  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 0
  • Shutouts: 4
  • GAA: 0.34
  • Save Percentage: 98.9%

  • NHL
  • Games Played: 45
  • Minutes: 2,669
  • Wins: 43
  • Losses: 1; a 0-1 loss to the Canucks in a great close game.
  • Shutouts: 16
  • GAA: 1.28
  • Save Percentage: 95.5%

  • NHL Playoffs (Game doesn't save these stats, so going from memory.)
  • Games Played: 18
  • Minutes: Don't recall.
  • Wins: 16
  • Losses: 2; both losses were against the Blackhawks and the CPU cheated and scored in double OT by forcing my players to stop trying, while they got all the PPs and would stay in our zone and take 10 shots on me per rush until I could no longer keep my wall up. So cheap.
  • Shutouts: 3
  • GAA: 1.61
  • Save Percentage: 94.6%, or something around there

  • 2008-2009 Awards
  • Stanley Cup: St Louis Blues
  • Presidents' Trophy: St Louis Blues
  • Clarence S. Campbell Bowl: St Louis Blues
  • Hart Memorial Trophy: Erick Colletti
  • Calder Memorial Trophy: Erick Colletti
  • Conn Smythe Trophy: Erick Colletti
  • Vezina Trophy: Erick Colletti
  • William M. Jennings Trophy: Erick Colletti

  • All Season Expectations completed with A+ marks.
  • 6/21 Goalie Milestones currently achieved with all A+ marks.

  • 2008-2009 Stanley Cup Final
  • St Louis Blues vs. Philadelphia Flyers
  • Game 1: W 4-2
  • Game 2: W 3-2
  • Game 3: W 5-4
  • Game 4: W 5-2

  • We, St Louis Blues, swept the series thanks mostly to Paul Kariya, Andy McDonald, Brad Boyes, and myself. The Blues aren't feeling so blue anymore. LOL Enjoy your first Cup, St Louis.

  • News
  • The St Louis Blues re-signed me to a 3-year deal worth 2.225 M and signed Mike Comrie for the 2009-2010 season. He should add some offensive punch to our lineup.

  • Other Info
  • If you want to know something else about my career, just ask. Don't ask me to be your EASHL Goalie. I don't play online or own a current copy of the game, because it's full of cheaters that exploit the game's glitches and makes such little progress every year and isn't worth the money. I play "NHL 09," so that's why you see 2008-2009 stats.

  • All games are played fair and square with 7 minute periods. The CPU is no joke on All-Star. It puts up one hell of a fight and makes me earn every save. Each game is extremely intense and heart pounding. I actually have a sweat towel next to me while I play. LOL Despite my super stats, the CPU constantly cheats on All-Star and especially Superstar, and 50% of the few goals I allowed never really went in. The opposing CPU Skaters also play much better than my players most of the time. They're great at cycling the puck and setting up quality scoring chances consistently, where as my guys are less skilled and will never even take a one-timer. All-Star is the most frustrating and unfair mode, but sometimes the CPU plays fair, and these make for great games. Superstar skill level is the same as All-Star except the CPU cheats a lot more and the intensity is a little higher. It's not realistic hockey, and so that's why I play All-Star.

  • P. S. Sorry for all the whitespace and bullet points; the GameSpot editor is a POS and puts a blank line after every text line and this is the only way I could find to make this post look right.

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