streaming fifa live?

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anyone know the best way to stream fifa live? even if its a pay stream, as long as its reliable :)

no cabletv atm and thats my only method

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I know ABC and ESPN will be showing the games here in the states. I'm banking on the ESPN app on Xbox Live (which is free) to have a bunch of the games that I do not catch on ABC. I took off for the opening day. So excite! :D

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I found a free HD stream provided by the state media here (they have broadcasting rights for the country and are streaming the channel on the net too). But I doubt you'd understand the commentator and you'd need to connect through a proxy. I advise you check who the official broadcaster is in your country and if they are also streaming on the net.

BBC will be streaming to UK IP's. Use a proxy or VPN.

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best stream so fa that I've found, high quality