GSD, please tell me Dirk has a few more good years?

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I'd like to know what is this forum's overall opinion (past and present) is of NBA All-Star Dirk Nowitzki who has been playing for the Dallas Mavericks since 1998. Do you think he still has a shot at another ring? What would the Mavs need to get to the finals and win it all again?

I'd put him in the top ten of the all time best players of the game; extremely high basketball IQ and a practically unblockable shot. I think his role as our prime time player is fading away, but a guy like him never loses their shot. I think he's still got a good 2-3 years of frequent 20+ point games, but that'll only happen if we get a center... the thing we've always needed.

- are there any other all-star players who you think are on their last legs (1-2 decent seasons left)?

I think Kobe is done. As are Garnett and Pierce, Duncan and Ginobli, and Dirk and Vince Carter. They'll hav to be bench players if they wanna win anymore championships.

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Duncan done huh? They have been saying that for years. Duncan has not fallen much, Dirk has. Duncan knows he isn't the best player on the game, has known that for years now so he adapted and he still plays great and contribute. Ginobili was awful last year but he looks better this year, I agree he is on his way out tho obviously. What do the mavs need to do? Uh. Teams are too stacked for them to do much with the current roster and even if they tried to add some people they don't have a superstar player anymore and there isn't any out there. That is what they need. They have too many shooters and nothing on the inside. Dirk is not close to top 10 of all time, ever.

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Dirk may have a couple good years but he won't win another ring unless he goes to another team. Dirk top 10 all time? GTFO. And i'm a huge Mavs fan.

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They just have to manage his minutes during the grind of 82 game seasons and he will be fine. Monte Ellis is now considered the primary option is another factor. I thought Dalmebert played well, the Mavs just laid an egg in game 7.

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Dirk is done. Mavs need a new franchise player who isn't Monte Ellis.

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@PSP107: I think Dalmebert is hurting us more than he is helping; the dude just isn't basketball smart. He gets clumsy around the rim and never seems to understand that his driving point guard may sometimes drop the ball off to the center for the assist. I hope he can get better, though. I also think one whole season with Harris, Wright, Ellis, and Dalmebert gelling together from the start can at least get us past the first round next season.

@Braun_Roid_Rage said:

Dirk top 10 all time? GTFO. And i'm a huge Mavs fan.

What about top 10 foreign player to play the game? I'd say yes to that, probably put him at #2 behind Hakeem Olajuwon.

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As I have said before, he has the greatest hair in NBA history, perhaps in the history of North American sports.

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@Master_Live: I wouldn't mind having a banner in the AAC saying that.