Favorite Sports' Coach All Time?

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Being a Duke fan, it's no big mystery that my favorite sports coach ever is coach k, Mike Krzyzewski.

The man is an inspiration on and off the floor. He now has 900 wins in Division 1 basketball with 4 national championships and multiple gold medals for the mens' Olympic team.

His former players would consider him the greatest mentor of all time here. I got to meet him and he just came off as completely humble, classy, and just a really respectful man.

Who's your favorite coach of all time GS and why?

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Bobby Bowden. He was a great coach an just as good a person. Plus he made FSU football what it is today.

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This man

Won six trophies in his very first experience as a coach , at the age of 38.Beat the shit out of Madrid with an ere-defining 2-6 victory at the BERNABEU.

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Joe Torre.

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Joe Gibbs.

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This guy:

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Jupp Heynckes

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Red Auerbach

9 titles in 10 years as an HC, ridiculous. 7 titles as an executive. He was just a great sports mind for the game of basketball.