English Premier League: Today sucks for me & Chelsea fans, loses 6-0 against Manchester City

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Today sucks so much I had to write this. Just how the fuk Chelsea loses 6-0?? even Aguero scored hatrick against us, that just not Chelsea FC level. David Luiz, Marco Alonso, Jorginho all needs to be sold ASAP. Barkley also had a horrible day, loses ball or had bad passes. Barkley also contributed 2 of the goals scored by Manchester City. Poor performances from one of top team in Europe and England.

I hope everyone gets sold this summer (Except Kante of course) and we embark on another rebuild process. I am heartbroken by the performance today, abysmal.

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So are we all, but you can forget a repeat of the big name signings that uncle Roman got us previously. We're a self sustainable club nowadays, and we have to sell players to buy them, which is why we bought like 40 youth players and sent them on loan.

If we don't make top 4, it'll be even harder to attract the top players and before you know it we'll be as bad as Arsenal.

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@sealionact: the youth system is fucked up. We have these kids winning FA cups for years and won back to back UEFA youth club but they never will be part of the main team. Same with loaned out players, many talented players but none really able to come back an make a mark, the last one was Moses but he was a one season wonder.

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Hahahhaha it was pretty funny.

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It is quite worrying when Sarri comes out and says he's struggling to motivate his players. Shouldn't need any motivation when you're on that much money!

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@goodzorr: players were the culprit of why Mourinho & Conte got sacked. They dont play for the badge anymore and Chelsea doesnt have a leader in the dressing room in my opinion. Back then we got Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Ivanonic, Cech and the others making sure we all motivated.

Heard Zidane is coming but I hope we stay by Sarri. If Klopp could turn Liverpool into a world beater, Sarri could too, he just needs time.

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Try being an arsenal fan a few seasons back we lost 5-1 5-0 6-0 to the big 3 in one season.

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Try being an Aston Villa fan! At least you're still in the Prem!