Conor McGregor sucker punches elderly man in Irish pub!

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I know this happened a while ago, but recently video surfaced of the cowardly act. Conor Mcgregor hasn't won a fight in so long, he's now trying to score victories against tour busses, cellphones and old men..

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I don't know how Ireland does things, but I've had the notion that fighting in a pub was normal. And would be disrespectful to not fight, even if old man, who'd probably call him a pussy for backing down, but weak sauce not to his face.

If me, I'd just bitch slap an old man, a full fist just doesn't seem like its needed.

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To be fair he took to punch well I've been to Ireland and there is a fair share of fights but to hit an old man is surely too far.

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Conor later cried about it saying karma will catch up with him.