Arcade gameplay or In-depth gameplay?

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Poll: Arcade gameplay or In-depth gameplay? (4 votes)

Arcade style 50%
Depth Style 50%

There are (mainly) two types of games. In depth and arcade style

Arcade style type of games where it can be a short or long game with an emphasis or doing actions quickly, focusing on a limited amount of gameplay but have that gameplay in a style that involves timing and combos, or killing many enemies, a type of game with timed based puzzle solving games that can increase in speed or score the better you do, the type of game with having you move at fast speed while turning corners, a type of game were sections or organized by levels or missions, etc.

In Depth style type of games where it can be a long adventure with a lot of objectives and/or puzzles reqarding patience. A game with a cinematic type of feel, and game with a deep story that may need to be replayed to get the whole story or you unlock your own way in the order you want, a game where you get tons of customizable options thatchange the outcome of your character or vehicle, a game with many levels that involves strategic thinking, games that involve thinking ahead like a game of chess, games that make it more possible to evision yourself in the game and be drawn in.

Of these two styles, WHICH is the type you prefer most in games.

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I prefer in depth.

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How about both?

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Arcade type games are probably easier to make and sell. They also need a hook to keep you coming back and simple games with good hooks can be tons more fun than an in-depth game.

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I like both. However, both have become increasingly simplified over the years. Arcade-style games were often known for their balanced difficulty and challenge, but now a lot of them tend to be more on the easy side (i.e. casual game design). And in-depth games were known for having in-depth gameplay mechanics, but now they're becoming more like interactive movies with simplified gameplay mechanics (i.e. AAA game design).