anyone else think lin has alot of potential?

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Just watched him play vs portland and I gotta say he really has a good eye. Unfortunately he makes some bad judgement/turn overs, his ball handling is sub par, occasional terrible shots and his confidence in himself is also not so great.

Still, I don't think houston would have won the game without him on the floor against the blazers.

Overall though I think once he gains more play off experience he will turn into a serious threat. Possibly the next rondo/chris paul or steve nash.

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Agree, he can be the best PG since Magic Johnson.

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I can see a Nash in him if he works hard, he had a spark in him with Knicks. Work on his jumper to give him an O game to go with. Get a sports psych or something, he seems mentally passive on the court and simply lack confidence at times thus throwing bad bail out passes = TO. I just don't see him improving much if Harden is always with the ball chucking everything though.

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The guy & his team are trash. Man talk about over hyped.