Am I spammer?

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Hi all

My question is to admin and to you all...

I am new here, I am trying to follow forum rules, I am participating in forums and take care all the rules...

Also I use my own website's links in signature whenever admin will allow me. Overall I want to promote my website and also don't want to break forum rules. I want to use only resources allowed by forum admin.

But am I going to right way? How will I know if I make any mistake?

Please answer! I am too serious about it because I want to earn forum benefits, don't want to earn ban.

Thanks for taking your time. Your reply will be a great help.

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#2 Edited by BattleSpectre (7989 posts) -

Just put your website into your sig. DO NOT make threads and try to advertise your website. Job done.

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BattleSpectre is correct. Anywhere outside of your signature will be counted as spam and will not be tolerated.

On a side note, please be sure you make a thread in the appropriate board. This board is for the discussion of sport and anything else sports related.

Happy posting!