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Would those of you who love Risen 2 so much and those of you who don't please explain more detail/reasons why?  I'm finishing up Risen and liking and hating parts of it so that is a good game to use for comparisons.

Are there any graphic improvements or is R2 just a new story (pirate/voodoo theme) in the same old wrapper?

Is lockpicking the same or have they changed all the mechanics around for better or worse?

Are the same PC and NPC, Patty, in the game?  She gets a nautical chart depicting various islands her father/pirate buried treasure in/on.  If R2 is a continuation is it in this sense or are the characters unrelated/different from R?

One thing that bothered me no end sometimes was the mapping.  Is that improved any?  I read/heard that the game is more linear then R but what about dungeons and maps?  Are levels one on top of another so you can't tell which way to go at times?  Any mapping tools like a means of noting whether you finished an area or room or need to return?

Conclusions?  Playing R2 doesn't make much sense to do yet because I'm not keen on the pirate/voodoo theme.  But I've loved a lot of the exploring/dungeons adventure/story found in R and if there is as much of that in R2 it will be tough to leave alone.

I've had a couple crashes to Desktop and points jumping around where I've gotten the PC stuck.  Is that better or worse or the same with R2?

Thanks for the helpful thoughts.

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Just bought Risen 1 a couple of days ago and I am 4 Hrs into it. I finished the main quest in Risen 2.

So far I think Risen 1 really does not look too great, while Risen 2 looked spectacular at times--a vast improvement from what I have seen from Risen 1. The graphics in R1 aren't so bad that it isn't playable though; I like the difficulty of R1. I made a thread on lock picking in Risen 2, with a link to a place that will teach you how to do it. Once I learned how to pick locks in R2 I really enjoyed it, I haven't picked a lock in R1 yet.

The caves in R2 are pretty easy and not too long. I really don't like the map in R1, but in R2 it is more functional. I avoided voodo in R2 and also muskets, it seemed like it would be too difficult to use, so I just went with swords and pistols.

I paid 9.99 on a Steam sale for R2, and 19.99 for R1. R2 is definetly worth it for 9.99. I liked R2 so much that I was willing to pay full present day prices for R1.

R1 seems to be more difficult than R2. I haven't played R1 enough, but it seems deeper than R2. While R2 has a lot better graphics, better looking enemies, a less frustrating map, occasional alligator to take on, and I liked the few boss fights in R2. You can also map your keyboard keys in R2, have the ability to run, and be able to dodge/roll in combat, something I haven't figured out how to do in R1.

So far I give Risen 1 a 7/10, I'm being kind it could be a 6.5/10, and I give Risen 2: Dark Waters an 8.5/10.

My games didn't crash for either R1 or R2. I liked the story and adventuring in Risen 2. I haven't gotten into the story in R1, but I like the leveling up options I have seen in R1.

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I haven't played Risen 1 but just recently got an old CD from a friend with Risen 2. After much procrastination I decided to give it a play. Well, I was hooked. Awesome game with an awesome story. The gameplay is pretty good even though I'm not a huge fan of that particular camera angle style game. Overall, I would give it a 9 out o 10.