that moment when (retro frustrations)

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You've been clicking attack for 45 minutes in Shadowrun (Genesis), fighting against RNG hell, and have ICE down to maybe one more hit, and your cat bumps the system and the game hangs up

I love retro gaming; typically prefer it in fact. But sometimes...

What are yours?

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@xantufrog: Well that seems more like a cat + top loading cart + bumping scenario which could potentially happen with a Switch if it knocked it onto the floor.

Retro blues are more being asked to concentrate as hard as you can for hours on end in order to see a new part of a game because they were too cheap to fork out for a battery backup.

An extension of this is passwords.

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One of my dreamcasts became a fog machine, forgot to use a step down converter.

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When I was a kid with Street Fighter II: Turbo, once you unlock the 3 kings, I use to try keep the SNES on 24 hours a day so I didn't need to do it again.

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I remember some how losing all my saved data in the PS2 game WWF Just Bring it I think the memory card accidentally got pulled out or something can't remember.

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  • Misplacing passwords to certain NES/SNES games that require them after struggling to get near their ending.
  • Trying to get a NES carts to work by continuously blowing into them.
  • Mom accidentally feather-dust N64/SNES while I had the game on (but TV off), effectively ruining all the progress I accomplished.
  • Needing to play my Gameboy and Gameboy Advance in a well lit room because of their lack of backlights....
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When I realize I have to look up a PDF to read the documentation that originally came with the game. Then I realize that not all the pages are included in the doc. So I have to look up the documentation on the internetz.

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When you discover the cassette tape for that one game doesn't work anymore.