Issue with PS2 controllers

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I've been having problems with the PS2 controllers for the past year and I can't figure out if it really is the controller or the console.

I've tested 3 different PS2 slims. I've tested brand new sealed controllers, used controllers, and even 3rd party controllers. All the same issue: buttons need to be pressed hard for the input to be read in the game. For example the "Right" button on d-pad or X button have these issues making it annoying to play fighting games when I want to jump forward but it only reads the up press and not the up-forward press. Or when I want to throw a Hadouken in Street Fighter but only a punch comes out because the game didn't read my d-pad motion.

Is there any workaround to this issue? Anyone else went through this and have solutions? Maybe PS2 controller cords short out easily, or the rubber underneath the buttons is messed up. I can't figure out what causes this.

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Get tested for diabetes.

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@SOedipus said:

Get tested for diabetes.

Thanks, so does anyone have any real advice?

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@ronnieav: Don't know if a new controller would have the same problem but you could pull them apart and clean off the contacts to make sure there isn't any build up on them. Use a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol(no additives or fragrances) to clean residue off of the contacts. Water and dish soap will be fine for the plastic. A lot of the restoration guys will do this for every input device that comes in. Hell most of them clean out the consoles as well.

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That's pretty weird - I never had that type of problem that I remember with a game on my PS2, suggesting it isn't a software issue (I'm assuming this happens on more than one game?) - but you have tried on different systems and brand new controllers, suggesting it isn't a hardware issue either....

It's got to be one of those two options. Just to be thorough - which games does this happen on?

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@xantufrog: Really late reply, but this just happens with every PS2 game. Street Fighter, Burnout 3, Prince of Persia, etc. Like I mentioned in my original post, I tried the same controllers (both old and new) on different PS2 slims. Same issue. I'm really starting to think that PS2 controllers die out easily lol.

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I'm curious now. I'll have to dig out my old OG PS2 and do some tests. It's been a LONG time since i fired it up. But it was the original launch system, and I have some of the original controllers. OLD stuff.

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@xantufrog: Now that you mentioned the OG PS2, my older brother has the original PS2 with his own controller. I remember playing my games on it last year and the controls were flawless. So now I feel like either the PS2 slims have bad controller ports or the controllers I received aren't as responsive.