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Hi all,

I am a filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia and for the past few months I have been working on a documentary about retro-gaming and it's recent resurgence in the mainstream. I have hit a few stumbling blocks and I am in need of help from the gaming community. I would like to note that this doco isn't just limited to Australia, I am open to people's stories from all over the world.

Firstly, I am looking for someone with a sizeable retro-gaming collection. Is there anyone out there that would like to be in front of a camera and have their story told? Potentially at film festivals in Australia and around the world? This person would need to be located in Australia.

Secondly, is there anyone in Australia or around the world that doesn't necessarily have a collection but has a story they would like to tell? This can be anything, whether it's something personal to you or something you provide to the community that is retro-gaming related.

Thirdly, if I started a crowdfunding page, would people be willing to donate money? Would you be interested in seeing a documentary like this? If you are in Australia, would you like to be involved? I would be hoping to raise around $3,000 which I don't think is unrealistic. On the crowdfunding page I would show a bit of footage as well so people can get an idea of it.

Would appreciate anyone's help!

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I sold my retro collection, when I had children. I only kept the top loader NES. (Am Aussie) I've dealt with a bunch of Aussie collectors and a word of warning. They are a bit crazy sometimes, not all but enough to warn you. If they don't agree with you in anyway, their personality changes. I received death threats because I wouldn't sell my top loader or because they wanted a lower price. Just be careful and always have someone with you.