Do you use a newer TV for your old console or a CRT? how do you have them set up?

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I managed to score some old skool stuff to throw into the unfurnished room with hopes of turning it into a more gaming type room.

Denon AVR 1906, Denon SC-F103 speakers.

The AVR gives me huge input capability but I can only send over a signal through component at it's best, perfect for old consoles.

For now Original XBOX, PS1 & PS2 work great through it, PS3 & 360 hook up directly through the TV with HDMI and this Sony Bravia set has optical out so that is then fed back into the receiver.

The TV is 37 or 40 inch I don't remember but larger would be detrimental I think because standard res games look more ass the larger they go.

This is the PS3 running YouTube in 1080P so not conclusive of old system image quality but it is a great set.

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I use a newer model so always go for the mini consoles when released. I don't have space for an older tv to be honest. Desperate for the mega drive mini this year.

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I have two newer TV's at home, HDTV & 4KTV. I really just use my HDTV for oldie consoles like SNES, N64, & PS2. I adapt to just about anything but playing old games on newer TV with low resolution/framerates I can put up.

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I recently put together a MiSTer fpga-based retro box.

It looks, sounds, and feels great through HDMI on a modern display (game mode on, of course). I have the I/O board which has a VGA connection so I was thinking about getting a nice CRT....

Currently I just use LCD displays for all my retro gaming.

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Using a newer tv with a pc hooked up to it and run my classic consoles from emulator at 1080. Mostly really great. Snes is my fav so I actually got the classic and modded it and use a wireless 8bitdo snes controller and it is fantastic.

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I just run my retron 5 on my HDTV.