Bright Blue Graphics Problem.

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Hi there,

Im not a huge wizard when it comes to sorting out graphics problems.. and I really need the help - I thought this forum would be the best considering it is an old game issue, and hopefully someone here knows the fix.

So i finally got my hands on an old game me and my cousin used to play in 2003. It is called Willowbrook Stables.

I paid quite a lot of it, its pretty rare to come by - so I would like to get it to work properly somehow..

So we installed it, and tried running it - it crashed. (I am on windows 10)

I used the compatibility troubleshooter and ran it in Windows XP and it worked! (It doesnt work on any other setting)

BUT i ran into a problem:

Everything is saturated. The characters and the houses are all this bright blue/green colour palette.

I tried running it on windows XP 16 bit, but it crashed. I dont know what Im doing wrong..

I tried using VM or Dwxmd, and it doesnt load up/run when I try to run it.

Its SO frustrating - and I cant really play with the graphics issue, as the game involves symbols and searching for gold, which will be impossible!!

Please help.!