Article: How to make a Game Boy game today

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A few months ago, I created and released a Game Boy game on cartridge, called Sheep It Up!

For those of you wondering how can we make a game for an old console with today tools, I've just finished writing up a long article detailing how I made it, from graphics to audio including building new cartridges.

You can read it here.

If you're into retro game development, please feel free to ask me any question about this project!

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@drludos: I just produced some sega saturn / sega cd game cases if you're interested in making a homebrew for either of those consoles

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Your longboxes look very cool, congratulations! For now, I'm focused on cartridge-based game (my next title should be a SNES game ;)), but I keep the link to your CD case in case I try my hand at a Saturn or PlayStation homebrew (both of them would be very fun to do I think!)

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@drludos: thank you so much. Very informative!!!

Looking forward to your next post!!!

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@drludos: Thank you for your link. It is very helpful for me as well. We wanted to do some game for Game Boy with my brother. Now we can.

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@superretrogamer: I'm glad you enjoyed the article!

I really hope you'll have fun doing your own GB game, and please feel free to share it here!

And in case you get stuck with a programming question, the wonderful GBdev community may be able to help you: