Your thoughts on my problem be it the discs or blu-ray drive problem

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I don't know where to start really, but i will try to be breif with what i have to say.

On Christmas day, i was playing MW3, the game sound had a few pauses until the game crashed. It said disc error and i tried it a few more times and again it popped up with disc error. I tried two more games, one being AC3 and the other i believe was Batman Arkham city. Although i might be wrong about the Batman one. Those games also had problems when it came to loading, playing and so on. I kept getting error codes and disc errors which lead me to believe my PS3 Blu-ray drive was playing up after a year of having the PS3 320slim. However, although the problem occured on those games, i must have spent over 60hours plus watching Blu-ray movies without a single problem and i'm beginning to wonder if its just those discs that are having problems.

I bought AC3 on the day of release and had no problems until around after christmas day. I bought MW3 either a few days before or after AC3 but i only played it for like 5 seconds and during the that limited amount of game play, i never had a single problem until i replayed the game 2 months later on Christmas day. I bought Batman on boxing day i believe it was. The game was cheap and it was the GOTYE so i bought it considering my origional Batman game ended up being 2nd hand and the code for Catwoman missions was unuseable so i sold it and replaced it with this GOTYE. The Batman game crashed 45min in to the game play with a message saying corrupt disc, corrupt date, disc errors and error codes. I tried again and again and i still had the same problem. I can't remember if there was a 4th game that i tried although Farcry 3 seems to spend along time loading on to the main screen and i don't remember it taking that long so either its not loading or it is but just taking forever.

Anyway, like i said above, i must have spend 60hours + watching Blu-ray movies without a single problem. I even played Cyrsis 2 without a problem and its making me wonder if those 3-4 games i bought within the past 2-3 months are either faulty or if its actually the PS3 Blu-ray drive playing up. I tried GTA4 and although i wasn't on it for very long, it did seem to work fine during that short period of gameplay.

So the question is, is it the discs or is it the drive. If it was the drive, i would have had problems with the movies, but i'm not getting a single problem with the Blu-ray movies.

I don't know if its the updates that is causing the problem. I've been told game updates can render games unplayable after some time due to the signal strength causing the game data download to be corrupt etc. I've deleted the game data utility and i still got the problem.

I contacted either sony or Playstation support about it via email and they gave me very little info about what i could do. I did the update that was avaliable but i still got the same problem

I joined something called Gamecare which is for the Game shops in the UK. I contacted them and although i hear the repairs if any are needed are free, i went on the website and it seems i dol need to pay for the repairs even though its covered under the warrenty with my gameshop/gamecare deal.

I just don't know what to do at the moment, i still haven't sent the PS3 off yet as i'm doubting the problems i'm getting be it the discs or the Blu-ray drive.

I'm just wondering what you Gamespot members might think


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What are the error codes you get? 807???? Those will help determine what the problem could be. But it's weird that you are getting these issues with games but not at all with bluray movies. Could be something corrupt on your hard drive, I really doubt its the discs themselves. You can make a backup of all your saves and do a complete restore of your PS3. It's worth giving a try before spending money on a repair or a new console.

Also, if you do decide to try and get it repaired, get it done locally, it's be much cheaper and faster.

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sadly there is no place local that does repairs for game consoles. Not even my local computer shops does it which is why they have the Gamecare thing for it which i have to send off. I was told its free, however since bumping in to the website, it says paid repairs. I think i have 5 codes altogether, however i have just 4 written down and 3/2 taken on photo somewhere on my computer, that is of course if i didn't delete them by mistake. I did go online and i couldn't find any code listed apart from one and i can't remember what the code meant. Its possible the other codes are one's Sony will deny exist like i hear they tend to say now and again with certain codes 80028F22 8001003E 80010514 8001002B The 5th i can't remember the 5th, it popped up and i hit one of the buttons that canceled it. However i had the 4 written down and the last 2 numbers that i saw didn't match any of the ones i wrote down. I sent the images to either Sony or PS Support as proof i got these codes as i mentioned to them i couldn't find any of the codes listed apart from one. I can't remember which one it was though as this was dating back a few days after xmas when i sent it. I was on Crysis 2 and Farcry 3 and didn't have any problems. I was even watching Inception without any problems. To me, something doesn't add up. How could a game like AC3 work for 2 months perfectly then all of a sudden play up. The problems where 50/50 as well, it will either happen right away, 5-15mins +during game play or not at all. I even filmed it on my phone when 3 games all didn't play at all. The 4th game being GTA4 loaded up so i stopped the filming but the other 3 discs (MW3, AC3 and Batman) all didn't play, it popped up with error codes, disc errors and corrupt data. When the game tried to load on the black screen, the controller and sometimes the PS3 itself would not respond when it came to the on/off. The PS3 went through 3, maybe 4 system reboots or restores through the safe mode which it went on automatically. I haven't touched those 3 games since. I thought Farcry 3 was the other, but it seems to be ok at the moment so it might be another game or it was just the 3 games to begin with. But 3 games, all bought 1 after the other only to play up. Thats seriously bad luck lol :( Ever since other Blu-ray discs are working, even the movies which had no problem, not even a slight pause, freeze, not one little problem, it lead me to believe it must be the discs
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If it plays movies and doesn't play certain games I can almost guarantee it's not a Bluray drive issue, more chances that it's a harddrive issue, but even then I don't think it's fatal, probably just corrupt data, some times re-installing the firmware won't fix it, such as with computers you'll need to reformat.

Go onto the official Sony website and download the latest PS3 update onto a flash drive. Backup your save files if they're important to you and reformat your ps3 back to factory settings (you can find how to do it on youtube) It will take a few hours.

Once that's done, go through all the set up options and when it's finished don't log onto the net just yet because you want to make sure you update manually from the usb drive. Install the update from the flash drive, instructions should be on the Sony website or just google it. Then all should be back to normal.

This is your best current and cheapest option.

Also, do you have a website in the uk similar to Kijiji or Craigslist, kind of like ebay but for local person to person exchanges? Because if you do, that's where you would find someone who could repair it for around $50, so 30 pounds.

Anyway, let me know what you decide to do, but I would really just restore it to factory settings at this point and install the update manually from usb. It won't take much effort and if it solves your problem then you've got your ps3 back to normal without spending any money.

I honestly think it should because if it plays bluray movies just fine, it has to be some corrupt data, I can 99.9% guarantee it's not the game discs themselves.

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PS3 forum would be better for this.

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i did the latest update a few days after xmas as it was one of the options given to me by Sony/PS support, however, it still occurred with those games a few days later. I knew the problem would still occur even before the crashes etc as i got this loud awful sound kicking off in MW3, it wasn't the PS3 doing it, it was the actual game, Like a drilling sound. I quit the game, game wouldn't play after that until a few hours later. When i was able to get back on to it again, that sound i had on that certain level didn't pop up and hasn't popped up since. The best way to describe the sounds is like road work's when someone uses that drill to smash up the road. That still lead me to believe it was the BR drive. But this was before i was watching many movies. The movies came afterwards which made me change my mind with the problem i might be getting. I don't have any sites like those sadly. That Gamecare thing is the only option i have, either that or Sony. My old 40gig fat PS3 had BR problems a year ago which made me buy the slim as it was no longer covered. I had it for like 4/5years. I gave it to my brother as i told him if he buys a new BR drive, its his. I format the drive first before handing it over and strangely enough, one of my games was working. However, it could die moments later. The problem with my old PS3 effected every BR disc both movies and games, it wasn't a 50/50, this was pretty much 100% and nothing would work apart from basic DVD's I might format it, be it slow or quick. I will save some games, not all. If its the actual saved game data, its possible keeping it wont do me any good. After all, my Batman game, a message popped up during game play saying game data was corrupt or something like it. I will have to see how it goes. Also, the reason i don't want to send it off to this Gamecare is because when i looked it up, i have heard of good and bad stories about them. One where the console is given back worse than before, scratched etc. The letter given to them requires i hand over a couple games, the AV/power lead, controller and even my receipt for the console. When on the phone, i was asked to just hand over the console, nothing more, but this letter that is asking me to send around 100 items is making me say "what if i don't get any of them back or half of the discs come back damaged". Some people who got the PS3 back with scratches wasn't able to claim for the damage made to it when sent off. Thanks for the info though :)