Your take on Tearaway ?

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#1 Posted by Carl_W21 (2021 posts) -

£19.99 and it seems like an awesome game, what do you guys think ?

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I tried the demo... very charming, but not my style of game. Really creative use of the hardware, but I just don't like platformers in general. Wish I did... it seems like a great one. The finger popping through the paper was really cool.

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#3 Posted by ryrulez (11605 posts) -

Haven't played it.

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own it but haven't played it yet.... I have heard too many good things about it.

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#5 Posted by SoNin360 (6692 posts) -

I'm itching for another game on the Vita. It's looking like a rental, though. Not too long and not a lot of a replay value. I look forward to playing it nonetheless.