Your opinion on Lord of shadows 2 graphics

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Being a castlevania fan, i decided to get my hands on the highly inticipated Los 2.

Though the recent ones cant be compared to the classics, i was expecting decent gameplay.

What i didnt expect were the visual inconsistensies, in order to improve fps, background resolution has suffered alot.

I can clearly see small square edges in objects and sometimes the characters.

The result is that you dont feel the enviroment, its more like your wandering around in tetris or atari world.

Having said that gameplay and boss fights are pretty good but at the end of the day you are'nt rewarded with cinematic experience when you beat the game at highest difficulty level.

Here is a link of a review that adresses the issues im experiencing

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The whole game overall is pretty meh. I'm really disappointed and going to take it back. I don't like climbing simulators.