Xbox 360 wireless headset with a PS3?

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#1 Posted by Mandaos (25 posts) -
Maybe a stupid question but just got my PS3 yesterday.  Using the Wireless Gaming Receiver, Is it possible to use the Xbox 360 wireless headset on the PS3?
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No, I tried but i didn't work for me. Unless I was doing something wrong.
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#3 Posted by BabblePhish (455 posts) -

You won't be able to use it because the MS headset uses radio frequency while the PS3 only receives wifi and Blutooth frequencies.

EDIT: It is like trying to recieve an FM station on an AM radio.

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nope because microsoft uses a proprietary wireless controller connection for the 360...almost everything for the 360 is propreitary...makes them more money
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you guys are all wrong im using my xbox headset for my ps3 right now, as long as it has blue tooth you can do it, u have to change ur audio settings on da ps3, hope dis helps ull cuz its working fine for me