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Can anyone tell me a good WWE wrestling game for the PS3. I am mainly looking for graphics and created wrestler storyline driven games. Somthing where there is choice to be made and things to be done both backstage and in the ring but also current as possable. I don't care for any online aspects since im not a big online gamer with my system just somthing fun for me to play around with and a friend when he drops by. Thank you all who leave games to look into it is much appriciated.

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I believe this is what you're after ;)

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from what i can tell the storyline to it is from the attitude era story lines wich would have it all pre set was hoping for somthing with a more branching storyline for created superstars. Starting to feel a good solid season mode in wwe games. I know they all have season mode and are good but nothing in depth for created wrestlers that involve choice making like siding with one attacking another.