Would it be worth it to buy a PS4 this late?

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I heard the PS5 might be coming out around 2020, would it be worth it to buy a PS4 this late?

All help appreciated, thanks.

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If you like japanese gaming and movie games, you might like the system. Great third party support as well. But if you enjoy playing online, can tolerate an unergonomic controller, and care about backwards compatibility, you might look elsewhere. Also, the premium ‘Pro’ model is middle of the road compared to Xbox One X and PC, but has better selection and power compared to a Switch.

Hope this helps!

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Yes. I bought mine recently and its worth the money.

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Of course there's many games to play and last of us 2 and days gone to come.

Black Friday will have some epic deals as usual.

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Ok, thanks everyone, I'll think about it :)

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Nice topic. I've been wondering the same thing. I'm moving to a new place and am thinking about using my solitary time on a PS4. However I just started playing PS3 games like Red Dead Redemption, X-com: Enemy Unknown, and The Last of Us. So I'm leaning more towards saving my pennies for a PS5 and the possibility of backwards compatibility.

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There are a bunch of great games that are PS4 exclusive. Even if PS5 comes out in 2020, you shouldn't miss those titles! So my advice, get one and start playing them. Don't worry about the future, live moment.

I can't believe you haven't played GOW or Uncharted 4 yet.

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So I guess I'm getting a PS4 after all. Might as well since I got a good deal on a 4k TV.

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I’ve had the original PS4 since launch but was thinking of upgrading to the pro come Christmas when sales may be on. Only because my current system is getting old and I’ll probably give it to my dad.

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It makes more sense to buy a PS4 in 2018, than it does to have bought one 2013-2016.

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I bougjt mine in February 2018

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Definitely worth it. Games will be cheaper and there's a larger library for you. I got mine in 2017 and started going back and getting all the great games that I missed for a decent price.

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I'd definitely recommend it.

There's a lot of fantastic games on the PS4, and honestly the PS5 is probably gonna be late 2020.

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@liam44jt: I bought the pro 1tb and 8 games for £525 so for me, it was a really good deal and to be honest, if you have the money that your not spending, i'd get one. I'll be waiting a while until i get the PS5. I tend to find that with each gen, there are too few games and when a new gen console has been released, there's very little worth in it until later on.

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Thank you for this. I was also thinking the same thing.

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Absolutely. Even if the PS5 does come out in 2 or 3 years, there're a ton of games worth checking out for PS4.

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There's still a bunch of exclusives titles to come so no, it's not too late.

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My brother got one for Christmas and it's not late to get one, You can find tons of cheap games now.

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It's not like they will magically stop making games for PS4 even if PS5 does come-out. If you have the additional money and you really want it, buy it.

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If you want to play to GOW Spider-Man last of us 2 then of it's worth it. There always decent bundles online.

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yes !!

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i got the internet

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Why the emphasis on Japanese gaming? PC has you better suited for that if you're into proper anime games.

PS4 has great exclusives like Bloodborne, Last of Us, God of War, Spiderman, Uncharted etc to more than justify a purchase of the system. Then there's the PS4-PC exclusives like Nioh, Yakuza games etc which come to PS4 first and foremost.

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@fsrgon: Depends on your tastes. The games you bring up have little interest to me. The ps4 suffers from quality racing and shooter exclusives and it’s online offerings are just the bare minimum. I can’t see myself not being able to play a Halo, Forza, or Gears game if I were to switch sides.

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I think Its worth it. It have huuuuge game library to play and Its relatively cheap nowadays so I think You should go for it ;).

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In terms of sheer value, of course—you will get to play a ton of amazing games, and you should be able to get a great deal on the console. That being said, I’m holding out hope that PS5 will be backwards compatible, so I’m waiting.

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Depends if there are certain games you want to play.

I say pickup a used PS4. Games that are worth play IMO, Witcher 3, Last of Us, and the Uncharted series. Get Diablo 3 if you like that style of game. The couch co op feature is well worth playing. That’ll keep you busy for awhile depending on how much free time you have. All those games would take me a year to finish, maybe more.