Would a BC compatible PS4 entice you enough to buy one?

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I am a huge Sony fan, PS1 was my first console. A fully BC compatible PS4 would make me buy one this instant. I'm a huge retro gamer and still collect for PS1, PS2 and PS3. I have all those consoles(80GB PS3 though, no PS2 play) and a PS4 that plays PS 1-4 would allow to enjoy all the playstation generations in 1 system.

I go to college 10 hours from home so that would be very convenient instead of needing a PS2, PS3 and PS4 to play all Sony games. The Fat PS2 and PS3 could die, so I want to use them as least I can...PS1 is fully cleaned out and a new laser...

I know they are trying to sell their crap streaming service but I don't buy digital(collector). Seems like they would sell more systems for those who want an all in one. Sorry Sony, but Playstation no longer does "Everything." Embarasssing that it won't even play PS1.

Bought a wiiU right away since I could wrap up my wii backlog and play new games. PS4 just isn't worth it now.

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No, PS1 for PS1 games, PS2 for PS2 games, PS3 for PS3 games and you guessed it, PS4 for PS4 games.

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Sony stopped producing the cel processor, so PS4 could not have hardware BC anyway. I do not care about BC to be honest. It is a cool feature to have, but I buy new systems to play games I could not before. I will eventually play Ratchet, Uncharted 4, Level 5's next game, and Media Molecule's next game, so a PS4 was definitely a purchase for me.

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@YoshiYogurt: No. Backwards compatibility is a minor advantage at best. I have plenty of Xbox Original games like Halo 1 and 2 and Fable but I haven't played them in about five years.

Backwards compatibility is best used NOW when there aren't that many games out on the new system, once Destiny comes out for me or a game other peoplewant to play no one is going to miss PS3 games.

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Nah. I'm getting a PS4 soon and I wouldn't even care. Theres enough to play already and since I've waited I now have a small backlog.

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I don't need BC to entice me to buy a PS4. It's not like I'm going to get rid of my PS3. Nor have I touched my PS2 in years. Asking for a PS4 that is BC and have it priced at what it is now is asking for too much.

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@YoshiYogurt: Not really since I don't buy new machines to wear and tear them playing old games.

I am a collector, so this wouldn't be a good incentive for me. I remember my PS2 days, Wii days, and PS3 (early BC) days and I didn't use those machines for BC.

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It would be awesome if the ps4 could emulate ps2/ps1 games.

The ps1 and ps2 look like garbage on a hdtv.

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@ristactionjakso said:

It would be awesome if the ps4 could emulate ps2/ps1 games.

The ps1 and ps2 look like garbage on a hdtv.

That's because your HDTV is garbage, either buy a good one next time or buy a composite splitter.

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@GTR12 said:

@ristactionjakso said:

It would be awesome if the ps4 could emulate ps2/ps1 games.

The ps1 and ps2 look like garbage on a hdtv.

That's because your HDTV is garbage, either buy a good one next time or buy a composite splitter.

I have a samsung chode face. And really, a composite splitter does very little because the ps2 and ps1 dont put out HD resolutions, hence why both ps2/ps1 systems look terrible on a hdtv, especially if your HDTV is big. Same thing if you play a ps3/ps4 on a standard tv. The resolutions wont be HD obviously.

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A good splitter doesn't let the TV upscale the image, my PS1 games look fine on my 60" Kuro, it doesn't upscale to 1080p, it looks small on the TV (there's a giant black border around it), but it looks great IMO.

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None of you seriosly buy old games? Once it's a new generation you can't go back and grab anything you missed?

Why would playing old games put wear and tear on a new console? Better to preserve the older LESS durable consoles(PS3's are made like crap).

You really want to haul around so many consoles if you travel or live away from home at times?

The fact that the wiiU is BC allows me have 2 consoles in 1 and allows me to just carry my wiiU when traveling

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@YoshiYogurt: These are personally not issues that effect me. If I'm traveling my iPad and Vita will be enough... All the old PS2/PS1 games I care about replaying I already have on my Vita or have already been remastered for PC/Vita/etc..

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@YoshiYogurt: you're in college which means you probably have a laptop.

Most cheap laptops today can play retro games so no go ask your tech buddies to pimp out your laptop problem solved. As for ps3 was a shitty console and generation ps2 era was the best.

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@notorious1234na: Yea I am a collector, so I do not do emulation. nasty stuff. There is also no PS3 emulation yet...

@scottpsfan14: I know! Video games move way too fast. 5 years later and the game is outdated. People just move on, missing so much of what is available. Imagine if music was like this. Nobody would ever go back and search out 70's, 80's, 90's etc music.

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It'll entice me to get another one.

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Nope I buy a new console to move forward not for them to use up time to try and allow me to play games from years gone by, I know we'd all love one system to play them all but the fact is we are looking forward not looking back, if you want to play them games, buy the original system to play them on, end of the day it's so much work and extra hardware and software to work out, just to be able to play them sort of games, it's not worth it.

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It would be nice to have BC, but at this point it wouldn't go out on an instant. I would def. get it.... right now i'm just waiting for the big releases, Uncharted, Batman, Mortal Kombat. Now, that i'm giving it some thought, if Sony was releasing say only 1000 BC ps4, or something like that i would need to jump on that ASAP. So if BC is standard, i wouldn't see a need to rush out and get it, but if it's a rare/exclusive, i would.

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I was all gung ho for ps4 leading up to E3 when the rumored ps1/2 emulator in 1080 surfaced. I'd be all about it if it was true. Pop in your disc, and relive the games of yesteryear in 1080 resolution? I had full on plans on getting one before the rumor turned out to be false. A PS4 that can do that without having to go to PC emulation would have been great for their fans from way back. I still think that they never should have got rid of BC on PS3.

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The only game I want on my PS4 is Red Dead Redemption. Not enough to get PSNow for me though.

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it would be nice to have. i have set up my 60GB PS3 but i suspect its a ticking timebomb. that right underside is getting quite toasty even with plenty of room around to ventilate. if it breaks thats probably it (i doubt even sony have the stock left to repair it if i decided to pay for a repair). how big is ni no kuni? and FFX. and XII? oh boy :S.

they would need to add new hardware to the BC version of the PS4 though. PS1 software emulation wouldnt be an issue (thats what the PS3 uses i think). im not sure if some PS2 components would need to be added though (emulating the emotion engine in the PS2 is still problematic i think) and the PS3 would need to be dealt with at the hardware level. its just not possible to emulate it. 256MB of XDR ram would also need to be added to the motherboard (the PS3 GPU could take its ram from the main 8GB pool). i dont think it would be possible to change the cells memory controller without upsetting game stability (one of the downsides of close to the metal coding).

if they could implement the emotion engine, cell processor and RSX onto one chip and have the 256MB of XDR ram then it could be done fairly cheaply. you would probably be looking at another 75-100 quid added to the consoles price though (extra colling would also need to be added to cover the new chip and ram and so on.).

i probably would pay the extra as i didnt have a PS2 and am only digging into the PS3 catalogue now (im not sure how that happened :S).

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I would buy a fully compatible Playstation 4 with PS1,PS2,PS3 disc playback. But Sony would never make a system like that. Not with Playstation Now streaming service that Sony is promoting.