Wireless USB Stick to use on PS3?

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Im livin with myaunt for 2 years for college and i am gana get a TV in my room.........but the internet box is all the way down the hall and i dont think myaunt and uncle wont like a long wire going right down the hall so i was thinkin of getin a wireless usb stick to put into my ps3 so i can connect wireless but i dont know if it will work so this is my Q who uses a wireless usb stick and is it fine with the connection coz i just wana know if there is any probs with havin a wireless usb stick on the ps3? ( i wish they would come out with one like the xbox 360) Plz help thx :)

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The PS3 has built in wireless, so if your modem is a wireless modem it should be able to pick up the signal. Or maybe I am reading this wrong.
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@K1LLR3175ye i tryed that but it dont work...... the internet box dose use wireless coz my laptop is connected wireless but ive tryed to connect it wireless for my PS3but it dosent do it.........and there is np with bandwidth coz they have the best and if i find out how to do it is the connection good? for gamin and all

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I would double check that the encription code you entered is correct.