Will there be an enchanted Arms 2?

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Many people said enchanted Arms was boring and dull but i found it very fun and unique. I am hoping they make a second one and hopefully they keep the same the characters i haven't beat the game yet so if the characters die in the end then obviously they will put new characters into a second game. I just want a storyline that sticks with the characters kinda like Kingdom hearts hopefully Sora Riku and Karia will be in the third on. Many RPG games never have same characers in sequals like Final Fantasy I mean all the games were fun but I liked cloud and Tidus mostly and I wished they would have continued a hole new type of RPG with one of those characters.
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Lets hope that was a awful game I can still hear the bad VO's in my head make it stop!!
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Its agood game but that one character drived me crazy but in all i hope for a sequel with new characters and turn based fightin.
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 that game was soooooooooooooooo bad i HOPE they dont make a other one.It  would had been a great game but they F up
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Probably not because the first one isn't a success and it also didn't make money. 
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If there is a sequel, I pray that they fix the coding.  It is the ONLY game that my PS3 has frozen on - at the hexagonal loading screen, 5-6 times.

Beating that game was a chore.  


- C 

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Probably not. They didn't promote it well and it really didn't sell. I absolutely love this game!!!!