Why I won't be purchasing PS4 or Xbox One...at least for awhile...

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Gaming has been on a downhill slide ever since Microsoft stepped in the game...thats when gaming became more about spec-d***-wagging contests instead of great gameplay and innovation...360 & PS3 gen was far inferior to the gen before it and it seems like this next gen is going even further downhill...since Microsoft entered it has just caused them and Sony to go back and forth rivaling with the same watered down products (i.e. motion games via Kinect and Move), publishers shifting focus to recyclable "AAA titles", and Nintendo not being able to keep up in a fiscal way with the shifting market and cost of all the overproduction going on with "modern" games

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Sure,let's blame M$ for this.

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I agree with some of what you are saying, but this generation still had a handful of great games that made it worth it to get a ps3 or 360. I just don't think I'll be getting a PS4 any time soon after it comes out because I don't feel things are going to change much between these 2 generations. I will wait for a big price drop before I even consider getting a PS4.

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Well, I certainly won't be purchasing an XBox180 - I don't respond well to attempted extortion...


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I don't know about MS being the bad guy, but I do agree with you about not being overwhelmed about the next-gen of consoles.

The only reason I'm getting the PS4 at launch is that the price is just right. I had planned on getting an extra console for my spare room but with the PS4 being only 400.00$....that's not much more then the price of current-gen consoles!

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I'll be waiting as well. Though I'm looking forward to next gen, nothing about the launch is exciting me enough to get one right off the bat. I agree that the prevues gen was far better, and that this gen has brought about some shitty practices by publishers... Oh well. There was enough games I enjoyed this gen for me to look forward to the next, so I will get it eventually.

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I agree to a certain extent about gaming has suffered from how expensive it is to make so call triple a games. Call of duty hasn't been great since the first modern warfare. But cod gets massive sells even with a game spitted limit every yr. The single campaign is way to short and cod formula hasn't changed much. Lets see what ghost has to offer.

I am getting ps4 for graphics, better controller and sports games angle by nexymt yr the great games will come.

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I wont buy the ps4 as soon as it launches , ill wait till few modification are done and new bundles comes out.