Why does my PS4 only read games after ejecting it and putting it back in

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For some reason when I start my PS4 with the game disc inside it will not work. I have to eject the disc and put it back in and then it works with no problem. Does anyone know why this is happening? it does this with every game disc. Majority of the time it won't work when I start the system with the game disc in. Is my system about to break down? Anyone have any idea on why its doing this

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I have a somewhat related problem where my PS4 will sometimes get stuck on ejecting games. I had to pull it forward a bit so the eject sensor is away from any surface. That might help? I've also found that putting slight pressure on Playstation consoles can sometimes help with disc reading. Like setting a thick book on my console. Whether it actually helps or it's just a coincidence that they work after that, I'm not sure. :/