Why are you buying a PS4 (or why should I buy one)?

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#1 Posted by psi_kick (49 posts) -

I bought a PS3 because it was superior graphically to the PS2, plays PS1 games and was the cheapest BRD player at the time. Why would I want a PS4? Why do you want one?

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#2 Posted by deactivated-5938196c2bbcb (344 posts) -
I would like to buy because it has awesome games. And hopefully a pretty solid community too.
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#3 Posted by mitu123 (155156 posts) -

To move to next gen.

It has games I'm already interested in.

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#4 Posted by BattleBlog (25 posts) -
^^ I agree - to move up to the next gen. I got my PS3 second hand a few years ago and I'd like to have one that's new and my own :) Plus Battlefield 4 should be amazing on it, not to mention 60+ players online!!
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#5 Posted by RimacBugatti (1632 posts) -
I'm ready for the graphics enhancement like yesterday. I'm all about graphics and I also feel developers will hopefully try to enhance gameplay as well. The next gen is long overdue. I just hope Driveclub has what it takes.
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#6 Posted by mitu123 (155156 posts) -

^^ I agree - to move up to the next gen. I got my PS3 second hand a few years ago and I'd like to have one that's new and my own :) Plus Battlefield 4 should be amazing on it, not to mention 60+ players online!! BattleBlog
I had my PS3 for 4+ years, more than enough for my needs.

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#7 Posted by Namgis (3592 posts) -

I will be purchasing a PS4 for many reasons. Foremost of those are,

Games - Sony's got more exclusives that I want to play.

Controller - The DS series has been good for a very long time, the re-design looks near perfect. If my stick grips fit on the DS4, I should be in heaven.

Reliability - 18+ years of top notch performance. That's a might fine track record.


Why should you?

Games. It's a video game console after all. How many games do you require to 'justify' the purchase? This gen I would have been happy with the 2 I got my PS3 for. GT6 and MGSIV. 

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#8 Posted by sagejonathan (519 posts) -
So I can play some epic games and have fun! Don't see why else you would buy a console.
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#9 Posted by CTR360 (8373 posts) -
i buy ps4 probably this year the reason move to next gen and sony exclusives better of xbox one
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#10 Posted by bezza2011 (2729 posts) -

onwards and upwards i always say.

Since about february when they announced a new console, i've pretty much packed my ps3 away and can't get over the new graphics what will come in the end.(since my ps3 has broke anyway so i'm no longer with anything to play.) 

Why am i getting a PS4??

  • Well the price point is very good here in the UK £349 is great, i don;t see this price dropping anytime soon until at least next christmas if not longer.
  • Most of the big third party games are coming out on ps4
  • The launch line up is massive, This is the best launch line up i have ever seen, i think alot of people are forgetting launch line ups before this or was to young.
  • Sony always comes up with the goods for first party exclusives ever since ps1, they never let you down in variety, and they always stick by the console till the very end.
  • I like the design of the ps4, it's the same size as the ps3, it's packing some heat under the bonnet, and xbox one is a huge thing which is less powerful and still has a brick and still you need AA batteries to use in the controller?? crazy when i've had a ps3 controller since launch and the battery is still going strong.

Why should you buy one????

  • PS4 is cheaper and smaller and from what the specs say is more powerful for offline gaming.
  • PS+ is a win win situation in a not so good world. (cheaper than XBL and you get the free games collection which consists of nearly 5 free games a month plus big discounts on games and beta exclusives.)
  • The biggest development company at the moment UBISOFT have stated that, they are developing there games for the ps4 first and xbox one 2nd.
  • Sony's first party developers always set bench marks for graphics and gameplay, and cinematics.
  • Microsoft love timed exclusives throughout the 360 and it looks like they tend to just go with that so most games on xbox one will eventually come to ps4 anyway (ie - titanfall and dead rising 3 or at least the next one.
  • Buy a PS4 and 2 games and it's still cheaper than buying an xbox one on it's own.
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#11 Posted by Terrencec06 (4000 posts) -

Been a Sony customer for the longest, they have never done me wrong. PS4 seems like it will be good machine with a lot of games. All my friends have playstation products as well.

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#12 Posted by Basinboy (13060 posts) -

You own a console to play games - everything else is secondary.

PS4 has all the offerings in spades.  Indies, exclusives, multiplats, cross-platform - plus they offer the best value in PS+ where you are literally handed more games to play.

Only reason to not own a PS4 is because you can afford to own a high-end PC.  Or because you prefer your PS4 to have an Xbox logo on it.

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#13 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -
You get features offline, you don't get that from the X1 Awesome exclusives and a lot of indie love PS+ is still the best service Cheaper and without a camera
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#14 Posted by shellcase86 (3318 posts) -

Mainly for the games. Sony has successfully demonstrated for three consecutive generations a commitment to provide software support for a lengthy amount of time, even within overlapping hardware launches. No one else does that. As a consumer you have to love that. I expect that trend to continue into next gen.

Everything else is gravy.

I have a nice set-up with TV and surround sound, so our living room is the focal point of the house for the family and the multimedia features are very appealing, too. I'm hoping for more customization than we had we PS3. Reliability is also a factor for me, I haven't had an issue with a Sony product ever--they're a very solid hardware organization. I love the DS4 thus far, can't wait to try it out, extremely pleased Sony stuck with rechargeable internal battery (genius move). Lastly, theyre pretty open as a platform (region-free and you can swap out the HDD).

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#15 Posted by DatCirno (25 posts) -
Gonna be honest here: I haven't decided to buy one. During E3 I got hyped over KH3, then I found out that it was going on the xbox as well. I still haven't decided which one to get, though I am leaning towards the PS4. Microsoft can't seem to decide on what they're going to do with the Kinect on launch. I do know that I won't be getting any on launch. I'm gonna wait on the games.
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#16 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4325 posts) -
I'm excited for some of the new features and games. I also look forward to a nice leap in graphics, physics and A.I.
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#17 Posted by Eazy1891 (3089 posts) -
It is the future of gaming. Ive been supportive of Sony since i was a 4 year old(22 now). I love the games that Sony first parties make. I want it....
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#18 Posted by damann22 (7655 posts) -

Two reasons, remote play on psvita and remote play planetside 2 on my ps vita while in bed.

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#19 Posted by Tylonix (25 posts) -

I'm going to buy one because I like the titels and because I've had a ps2, psp and a ps3 so everyone of my friends on those machines will buy a ps4 aswell.

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#20 Posted by thetravman (3592 posts) -

Since I have a decent PC to last through next generation, I'm set for multiplats. I'll buy the Ps4 for its exclusives...eventually.. As of now, it literally has nothing interesting for me.

-I don't care for another shooter (Killzone)

-I never liked the Infamous games (second son)

-Knack...I'll wait for reviews. I don't know what to expect from it

-Drive Club...it's free for the PS+ members. I can't imagine it being a good game after that move.

-I'm a fan of Santa Monica but the revealing of their new game was pointless. I wanted to see some gameplay.

-Is Last Guardian even making progress anymore?

-Quantum Dream and Naughty Dog just finished their new games on Ps3. So I won't expect a Ps4 game from them for another 2-4 years.

I'll wait until maybe 2 years and a price drop to buy a Ps4.

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#21 Posted by ZomBViperKing (100 posts) -
I have been a Sony fan ever since the first Playstation and they have yet to disappoint me.
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#22 Posted by Bangerman15 (1978 posts) -
Killzone mainly, but driveclub, knack, infamous, and the other guaranteed good games to come out for it too. I'll be getting xb1 as well, just probably when it drops price or the halo 5 edition :P
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#23 Posted by DaRq_MiNoS (601 posts) -

1. I was happy with PS, PS2, and PS3.

2. The Sony exclusives.

3. Can't wait to see the new controller. Everyone is praising it.

4. Want to get in on the launch day excitement. Haven't done that in a while.

5. Better graphics/more powerful.

6. Better online than PS3.

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#24 Posted by psi_kick (49 posts) -

I thought about it and it comes down to a game. I probably won't buy a PS4 unless a must have game comes out only on the PS4. That will probably happen well before the PS5 comes out.

I haven't heard anything about backward compatability or downloadable games on PSN. I am assuming they will have to recode old PS1 games again to run on the PS4 unless it has a PS3 emulater and will play PS3 games.

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#25 Posted by blueboxdoctor (2549 posts) -

For the games and the amount of things that can go on in games now with the extra power of the PS4.  Plus, I always like Sony exclusives since they hit every genre out there so there's something for everyone.  I'm also slightly interested in the social interaction features (if the system has them I may as well give them a go).  But my main reason for buying is the games.

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#26 Posted by ewalthour (841 posts) -
I have a preorder on PS4 at best buy but i have yet to see enough info to get me pumped for the new PS4. The games i want to get if the graphics are great from PS3 to pS4 plus advanced gameplay are Madden 25(finally after passing up alot of the last couple of waste of money ...robbing$ 60 from gamers who have money to waste), NBA 2k possibly, MGS 5, a great tennis game, Watch Dog, DriveClub,MAYBE Call of Duty Ghost if graphics are a upgrade from PS3, WarThunder or a great sim flying game, Uncharted next GEN, Arkham City PS4 but dont know when that is coming, Possibly a Socom game.
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#27 Posted by marcl18123 (2047 posts) -
For the games obviously, but also need a console to myself as my girlfriend's son took over my ps3 just to play COD, and there are a lot of great games that don't make there way to PC.
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#28 Posted by lensflare15 (6601 posts) -

So I can play some epic games and have fun! Don't see why else you would buy a console.sagejonathan

If I do get the PS4 (planning on it, but not sure), this will definitly be the reason.

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#29 Posted by gamenerd15 (4529 posts) -

PS4 has games in the short term as well as long term.  I love 3D cartoony platformers.  Sony is the place to for these types of games.  The launch lineup and launch window look good, with games like Knack, Infamous Second Son, and Killzone.  Drive Club actually does not look that bad.  I do not understand the hate on the game to be honest.  Most third party titles are coming to the platform.  Sony is making strong relationship with indie developers such as Housemarque.  The developer is working on a game called Resogun and has another game in the works for the platform.  First party titles from Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, and Media Molecule are due out next year as well as second party developers like Ready at Dawn's new title.  Sony has the director of Shadows of the Dammed working on a new title.  Level 5 is also making something for the system.  With the hint of a Sly 5 in the works, there is no doubt we will see a title from Sanzaru on the platform at some point.  The only thing annoying is that Insomniac is not working on a PS4 game yet.  I am sure the developer might be working on a Ratchet outside of Into the Nexus to compliment the movie coming out in 2015. 

The question that people should be asking is why should not I get a PS4?  Who is not working on a title for the platform?  Not to to take a shot at other console makers, but the Titanfall developers already said that the game could come to PS4 later.  I also doubt that Dead Rising 3 will be a full time exclusive for Xbox ONe.  Capcom ported Dead Rising 1 to Wii, and Dead Rising 2 was multiplat from the start.  Capcom ports 99% of their to multiple platforms. 

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#30 Posted by joseph_mach (3891 posts) -

I paid for 3 of them...So I could put two up on Craigslist the following day.  =D

I know...I should be ashamed...but I'm not.

And one for me as it's the next gen...and I'm really looking forward to it and the games coming out.

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#31 Posted by RatedSTARZ (400 posts) -

Simply for the move to next-gen, and it'll probably be another good year or two before Sony announces a price drop.

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#32 Posted by Jak-25 (2475 posts) -

I want it because it's PlayStation. lol I wan to play the newest games. 

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#33 Posted by D3dr0_0 (3523 posts) -
I'm buying it because it's the better choice between it and the Xbox One also I tire of Microsoft's way of implementing peripherals I have zero interest in.
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#34 Posted by Kenny789 (10434 posts) -
I want one for Kingdom Hearts III :D I'll definitely get a PS4 but most likely won't get one til sometime next year. I'm in no rush and I'll wait until it slowly gets a number of exclusives I'm interested in.
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#35 Posted by beenle (25 posts) -
because the game