Why are people opposed to TLOU: Remaster?

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I seem to notice several comments on Youtube & other sites of people who aren't too crazy about the idea.


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I guess people feel they are getting milked. I may pick it up as I never played the dlc and I could stand to play through it again.

I think the only real complaint is we would like the dev to spend those resources making new games.(even though most are using another studio to do the uprez). But then again people will vote with their wallets. Tomb Raider hd or whatever sold well, im sure gta5 will, so they will continue these hd versions as long as they sell.

Im not oppossed to any dev/publisher making money almost any way they can. We arent forced into spending any money and its a tough industry right now.

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I think some people are opposed to the idea of HD remaster type stuff in general.

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Choices for the consumer are a great thing. No one is forcing you to buy both. Someone who doesn't have a PS3 who wants to switch over to PS4 can still enjoy The Last of Us. This, I guess, upsets many PS3 owners who bought the game at launch and will have to see Xbox fans buy the better version.

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The least they couldve done was add some co-op

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I don't oppose it, in a certain way I can understand the reasons for rereleasing TLOU given how many were prepping to get new systems.

What makes people groan is the quality and state of the HD remasters, which most have been rather lackluster.

I do feel that TLOU is somewhat different in that aspect, given that it is not an old game. So I can see both sides of the coin here.

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I can't wait for it. I never played it on ps3. I wanna experience the hype for first time.

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So people who didn't own a PS3 didn't get to play TLOU... who cares? They'll move on. Just like I didn't get to play a few exclusives elsewhere (Alan Wake, in particular) but I got over it pretty quickly...

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because they are dumb and think they are being forced to pay for it or something

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Who misses Backwards Compatibality

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

Who misses Backwards Compatibality

i just shed a single tear.

that's why i'm likely getting it. it's a game i'll likely play more of and i like the convenience of having more things in 1 box.

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People are going to complain no matter what. The reason people some people hate it is because of the perception that there are "no games" on PS4 even though games come out practically every week on the platform. They think that this will somehow delay a new game because developers are focusing on an older titles. When PS4 came out, people over the internet thought it would be cool for The Last of us to come to the system. Now that the game is coming, they are interested in something else. Same thing happened with Resistance 3. Insomniac "fixed" all the problems people had with Resistance 2 and then people did not buy the title when it came out. This is why developers do not put too much stock in petitions for games to come to specific platforms. By the time the game comes out, people will into something else.

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I played TLOU on ps3 and I would like to see it on ps4 and play the add on mission but there are too many games coming out soon to replay a older game.

Like most have said publishers are trying to reach those who haven't played the game yet. We can choose to by it or not. The only problem I have if resources are with TLOU that could be directed towards uncharted. If not I don't really care.

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I Really dont see the problem. Lots of people didnt have a PS3 last Gen and have moved onto PS4 or sold there PS3 before playing it, this gives them a chance to play the game in its best possible form.

Actually having a option to play it on PS4 can only be a positive as it adds a great game to a small Library of games available.

I own the PS3 Version and Left behind DLC. I still have my PS3 but i will still be buying the PS4 version and im glad i have that option.

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I think it's because as good as it was... it's over & done with.

I think it's fine, so long as they don't try re-sell hard.

I might pick it up sooner or later... It's like having one your favourite films on dvd... but then you want to upgrade to blu ray quality.

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Anyone who owns the PS3 version & buys the remaster just like that is a sheep.

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@fred_flatulence said:

Anyone who owns the PS3 version & buys the remaster just like that is a sheep.

Lol, what is your problem dude.

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people love to complain about things that do not concern them...

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To those who buy the remaster when they already own the PS3 version;

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I honestly think The Last Of Us Remastered is the only one to be announced which actually makes any sense.

The haters are just going to hate for the sake of it and don't see the big picture.

The fact is the game got that many rewards i can't even count, it got that many game of the years i can't even count, it is only a Sony Exclusive, so alot of people who may of wanted to play it but was on 360 haven't played it, many of these owners have moved over to PS4, This is a great game to symbolize what Sony is about. I mean just that is why it's a great idea, i mean honestly who ever wanted to play Tomb Raider and GTA5 have accept people on PC, why do we need the same game again, but hey it sold and I ain't complaining if you want it get it, if you don't well don't no resources are being used which would be put to a new game, most of these are made from seperate companies who specialize in doing this stuff, except naughty dog they have a internal team but again they have the funds and people to be able to do it, without hurting there other projects.

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jk, fellow tlou ps3 owners, let's see how the game turns out and then decide on buying or not...

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I am not. I am considering getting it when I get a PS4. I have yet to buy it for the PS3.

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I skipped this game on the ps3, so I can hardly wait the ps4 release.

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I've been missing it ever since I traded my PS3... don't have to worry about that now!

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@Lulu_Lulu: 100% me

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I am going to pick it up was hoping beings I am in the PS Now beta it would be offered but it isnt sadly

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Because they're loco. I already have my remastered edition pre-ordered. Day 1 baby.

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I don't understand it either. I haven't played TLOU because I've just grown to hate the PS3 and how sluggish everything about it is, so I was willing to skip it because I knew it would be a frustrating game for me. Now that it will be running on the PS4 though, I'm very excited to get to play it without all the frustration.

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Only rational explanation I have is that they believe it's justifiable to be bitter paying full price for the inferior version a year ago and forced to pay again for a technically superior version.

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Probably because some people seem to think that Sony seems to be focused more on bringing "remastered" PS3 games to the PS4, instead of focusing on new PS4 games. Honestly, why do you care what other people think? If you want to re-buy a PS3 game that is less than a year old with slightly upgraded graphics on the PS4 just do it. Don't worry about what people on the internet think or say.

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@fred_flatulence: don't really know, i think it's smart. Not everyone had a PS3 last generation. So they are making it for the PS4. Smart move and people will get to experience the game

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Not everyone is is against it. Some people have not played the PS3 version, so now is a good time to pick it up for the PS4.

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@fred_flatulence said:

Anyone who owns the PS3 version & buys the remaster just like that is a sheep.

You're a fool

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I think its because of the price (60$) for a old game. For what I now the Remaster version is nothing more than better graphic but I really hope there is something more. Maybe another free DLC ect. I like the Last of Us and I still play Multiplay almost everyday when I have time so hopefully they fix the lag on the Multiplay for the PS4 version.