Who is selling there PS3 to best buy for $100 by sat?

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I want to sell mines but have some MP3 discs i can't use on PS4. I wish Sony will hurry with there patches. I may still sell it but will have to buy P90X used on craigslist. I exercise at home but at least my insanity works on PS4 which was a DVD vs the MP3 someone did for me for P90X videos. I mix up my exercise videos with cardio with insanity and weights with P90x. I hope i am not speaking chinese to gamers who may never see a weight in their life. I am balanced and believe in not just sitting on a couch but being fit. Most gamers on websites like here and IGN have baby biceps because they are couch geeky potatoes.

I am thinking about getting a second TV during black friday with the return of my PS3 games and system.

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That was an extremely douchey post. And not all gamers are fat, lazy slobs.

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lol what? i go to a real gym, not p90x

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Girls love the baby biceps mate, remember that.

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@Flubbbs: not to get off the subject of ps4 but I went to the gym forever and didnt get half the results I have gotten since doing p90x and insanity. It requires not only stamina,endurance and power. I never did a large amount of pushups and pull ups until working out at home

I am not saying at the gym u can't get a good workout but most of tue time u plateau and just keep doing the same routine.

For those offended about geeky gamers comment I must be talking to them and I have struck a nerve.

Of course all gamers are couch potatoes just most of them like most Americans. This is factual not my opinion.

How have seen any programmers cut on ign or gamespot or any game site? Not many they sit at a pc all day like most americans. I just think they do it longer than most because I assume they enjoy what they do.

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Well at least your grammar was tolerant.