Which is better; Soul Sacrifice or Toukiden: Age of Demons?

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Im looking to pick up a good action-adventure/Hack and Slash/RPG (or whatever genre you want to categorize it into) similar to Monster Hunter. i did a bit of research and the two games that resemble it (at least from the gameplay i saw) was Soul Sacrifice/Soul Sacrifice: Delta and Toukiden: The age of demons.. Now i just wanted to know from your own personal experience from those who played either-or, or both, which one do you recommend?

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I prefer Toukiden, personally. But you won't be disappointed with either.

Try flipping a coin. Heads = Toukiden. Tails = SS Delta.

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In actuality, what you want is Freedom Wars, which will hopefully be coming to the West soon. In the mean time, I would recommend Soul Sacrifice. Also, it's not quite the same as Monster Hunter, but Dragon's Crown offers some great RPG gameplay for the Vita.

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I stopped playing SS after I realized there is a sigil barrier, I wasted hours... I put 200 hours into the game and achieved getting the soul shards? for quickly freezing bosses, my goal was to beat the difficult Griffin/Fire Phoenix combo boss level offline, I had beaten it only twice offline prior and it took insanely stupid time consuming strategies... I thought for certain obtaining the desired upgrades to my arm would make it a piece of cake. NOPE, you can only quickly freeze the Phoenix twice, then it's impossible thereafter etc, so it was a massive wast of time. Unless they've tweaked the game and changed such stupid barriers to your skill usage, I lost interest in the game. I might start playing again to check out the many updated chapters though.