Which game console is the best?

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Posted by Aylmer777 (4 posts) 9 months, 10 hours ago

Poll: Which game console is the best? (43 votes)

Nintendo switch 9%
Sony PSP 19%
PS3 30%
PS4 77%

I was looking at some best picks console reviews https://www.bestadvisor.com/handheld-game-consoles and was surprised by what I've actually read. Want to see this poll results. Comment below your suggestions

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#1 Posted by stuff238 (3284 posts) -

PS4>PS3>PSP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dumpster Fire>Switch.

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I think, as of right now, the PS3 is superior to the PS4, mainly because of its gaming library. But Sony's decision for the Cell processor was a big misstep. Remember how lots of 3rd party games had so many problems with the architecture of the PS3 and with the fact that the memory was splitted into 256/256?

I like the PS4 because it's a more powerful and easier to use console than the PS3, but it can't compete with its predecessor right now when it comes to games.

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The one that has the most games that you want to play.

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If you want a more accurate poll, I would suggest creating this same poll in "System Wars" where those who play on different consoles can voice their opinion. Adding a poll in a PlayStation specific forum doesn't show the true debate.

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All the playstations :D

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PS3 - Free online. Huge ton of games. It's been five years, and still some of the best PS4 games are Last of Us, GTA V, and Skyrim Remastered. Which were on PS3. Plus the launch model (which I have and still going strong) is backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games.

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Ps4 no doubt

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Ps4 easily

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I like the ps3 the best, it's got an amazing game library, and I honestly play it more than my ps4 pro. For some reason the games nowadays don't keep me as immersed as the past hits.

Plus I still prefer the dualshock controller :p

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After a rocky start the PS3 definitely caught up and possibly took over the 360 last gen. The library of different games is what got me drawn in to the PS3 I still play it to this day mostly for the motorstorm series. The pad got a lot of poor feedback which I feel was unwarranted.

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Best how? By processing ability and graphics ability? PS4 wins there.

But the system with the most games you want to play, that's truly the best one.

Don't go by 'power' when buying a console, go by the games out for it. You can have amazing graphics, but if the games aren't fun, it all means nothing. The games are what count.

Look at the games. Ignore the system.

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#12 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (17942 posts) -

I think PSP was my favourite PS system.

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3 PlayStation systems vs 1 Nintendo tablet? Interesting poll.

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I love the PS game

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i love ps4

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The best console is the one you most enjoy gaming on.

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Not a good question cuz PS4 is from another planet LOL

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No Xbox One option? My pick would be that.

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I loved my PS3, but that was mostly due to the PS2 and PS1 games, had mine done PS2 disc support I'd put it #1, so I'm gonna say

PS2/PS1/NES/Xbox are at my top, after that:

PSP > PS4 > PS3 > Vita > Switch

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uh good memories from my ps2..

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From the list above, PS3, PS4, PSP, Switch

I still play the PS3 and considering it has more games than the PS4, i have to give that one the thumbs up. Don't get me wrong, i love the PS4, but i always feel like each gen has less games to offer. If PS2 was included, that console would most likely beat the PS3 as i played it a lot and had so many wonderful memories with it.

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