What's your PSN ID ??

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What is your PSN ID and why did you choose it?
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acydbyne19 I choose it bc it was an old id i used back in the day for avp online. It used to be acydburn but that wasn't really originally and i like using letters that seem out of place, 19 because my family is big on firefighting and our station is #19
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This will get locked and you may get modded for it since there's a sticky thread for this...

But MAzing87 means a lot. The 87 was my number when I played for a small I-AA team in football. MA represents the state I live in. And I consider myself to be well, amazing!

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i dont remember why i first chose this name but i have been using it since i have been playing games that allow for a name to be entered

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there is a sticky for this and its located here, please use it :)
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pepe1223...actually i dont know why but this name has been in my head since i was 3 thats kind of wierd so when i checked if pepe was available it wasnt so i just put pepe1223
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Umm mines Melpoe and I chose it because when I first made an Xbox live account I wanted something original, my first name was going to be Grimser since I use to use that username back on Diablo 2.

Sadly Grimser was taken lol and now I have Melpoe which btw I think sounds better 8).

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At least he expanded on it by asking why we chose our id.

jerkcore - cuz my widely used sn, nerdcore, was taken. :(

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RAVEN_M1014 is mine....I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan and I love the M1014 shotgun. It was also John Rambo's Spec-Op name(RAVEN)

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At least he expanded on it by asking why we chose our id.


Agreed...so it probably won't get locked

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Phoenix534, because it's the same as my GS and XBL names and my Steam nickname. I chose the name Phoenix534 back then because I was hooked on the Ace Attorney franchise and it's followed me ever since.

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My sig says it all. I chose it because i use to Dj and that was my name.
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TheTruf89. I wasnt able to play rated M games with my original Truf89 account (when I made it years ago) , so I added The in front of it.

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wolfman_choppa although it would have been wolfman chopper the name of my gamertag and gs account but it was taken

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mine is B-MAN968.Its the best name ever.i like it because my name starts with B im the man and 968 is my favorite number.
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*Looks down at Sig* I don't know, and I didn't pick it because it is a cool name that I have been using on PC for years (minus the 74). :roll:
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My ID is kinda boring it's just my name couldn't think of anything so I figured might as well use my name since it was available.

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Mine is the TheShinigamiGod

why i choose it was because Shinigami means god of death in Japanese and i put god in there so my id basicly means God of Death God :p ( and people think i got Shinigami from Bleach but i got it from Death Note XD)

but if i had a chance i may chance it :p

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FATEZ_101,ive been using this name since way back when i was in high school.Fates was my graffiti name or alias.. and the 101 is just my favorite number..
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MeRc10, i believe i was playing alot of re4 mercenary's mode at the time.

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MrN00bz0r N00b (sarcasm) and " zor " 4 fun :D

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dark-player-x I did choose this because many ID"s where already chosen. So I made this one up.

Btw, you may all add me :) I bought a PS Vita. And am now more active on the great PS community

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Mr-Quu and it's just a play on one of my initials. Thought it wasn't as cheesy as Sir Quinc-a-lot.

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unrealtron. Because Unreal Tournament and a Tron game I used to play.
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CyberKnight-RoX Cyber Knight's are from the game aedis eclipse goc and RoX is short for the name i go by, RoXante'.
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Nightshift but in my local language instead of English.

Because I love playing games in the evening or at night if possible.

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emurphy2k12 because my first name starts with e, murphy is my surname and 2k12 because emurphy wasn't available.
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My psn is ProfessorRance.

Professor Rance is one of Jonathan Crane's aliases aka Scarecrow.

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Mickeyminime - Mickey - Mickey/Mikey/Mike/Michelle/Michael which are one of my many names but found Mickey to be the best one. Minime - from Austin Powers, my dad nicked named me minime when i was a kid because i called him Dr Evil when he grounded me for no reason whatsoever. Also Mickeyminime was my first email name for AOL back in 2000 i think it was and ive used that Mickeyminime for every website i'm connected too. Its also very easy to remember unlike random names.
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Look in Sig.
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Mine's Pikminmaniac because I happen to like Pikmin.... A LOT!

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Everyone thinks my ID is because of the Crimson Tides when actually I'm an artist & use Alcrimson17 for Alizarin Crimson, my favorite color. (Deep red/purple) 17 is dads bday and my lucky/fav # from childhood & softball # too! B-)
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j = the first letter of my first name

copp = my last name

72 = the year of a car that I rebuilt when I was 17. (1972 Chevy Nova SS)

I made this my username on any gamming websites that I use also.

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holy psycho. was my old runescape name. Rank 5 overall in fishing back when Rs2 was still awesome. Bring back the wild!!!!!!!!

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No Idea why I picked it.

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It's 'FiNiShEr74' I don't know it just came into my mind ._. btw, the 74 doesn't resemble my birth year. My real birth year is 95 ._. anyways, add me if you'd like :D I wanna see ur trophies and play and stuff :D
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Well it's the nickname I give to my cat. The number 554 was just random.

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PSN ID: LongDongSilverz In middle school, my friends and I decided to come up with funny super hero names (for whatever reason). I said screw your super heroes! I'm a pirate; thus, Captain LongDongSilverz was born lol. I have had the name ever since Halo 2 on the original Xbox and it has stayed with me since. Note: if you play Battlefield 3, have a mic and actually like to use squad tactics; feel free to add me :p
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Nightstream88, Came up with the name based off of a book series I've read. and 88 is just the year I was born in. and Xbox live gamertag is Cynder Luna which is just my first and middle name, and due to facebook not letting me use my last name I just did like that.

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Mine is kaiushy. On xbox and stuff I usually use kaiush, which is the phonetic spelling of the Inuit word "k'eyush", which means bear cub. That was the name of my siberian husky. Anyways, kaiush was taken....so I put a 'Y' on the end of it....

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Nerco thread...
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SyNx153. I'm not sure why...
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Was sick of always using "lancea34" so I changed it up a bit.