What's your most favourite driving game on Playstation 4?

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My personal favourite is Gran Turismo Sport so how about yours?

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GT sports and dirt 4

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Project Cars 2. I also like GT Sport, but Project Cars 2 gets my pick.

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Not much to go honestly, at least for me. Need for Speed Rivals was okay I guess. If Rocket League counts, then definitely Rocket League. If not, there's Burnout Paradise Remastered... but I don't like counting remasters for stuff like this.

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F1 2016 for me. Thinking of upgrading to 2018 season.

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So far I have just gotten into The Crew 2, but honestly I only have used the free drive mode and given no thought to the story or plot to the point of muting the voices because it was distracting me from my own fun XD.

Any non Ubisoft games out there that have a pretty hefty free drive mod?

Picked up NFS Rivals and wow I wish I didn't. its not compatible with a wheel unless you trick it into using it, and even then is plays like trash because you have no options to change on the wheel.

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Dirt Rally VR. That's just insane.

My other 2 go to driving games are GTS & F1 2017.

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Only played a few, but gonna go with DiRT4 because of how addictive it was to me. Plus little details such as an individual button just to operate windshield wipers just add to the realism.