What's your favorite HD Remake/Remaster Collection?

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#1 Posted by EastMagi (141 posts) -

There's been a lot of older PlayStation games that have been remastered or remade in high definition (HD).  If you could pick one, which would you choose?

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#2 Posted by FinalFighters (2782 posts) -
ICO/SOTC Collection
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#3 Posted by clr84651 (5634 posts) -

Sly Cooper 1,2,3

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#4 Posted by mufcbarlow1 (1363 posts) -

I would have said Devil May Cry but that's only 2 games because the 2nd was awful. It's a tough choice between Jak and Daxter and Ratchet. I'll go with Jak and Daxter. 


Prince of Persia Trilogy is great but ubisoft didnt put a great amount of effort in to the remastered trilogy. 

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#5 Posted by Lost-to-Apathy (459 posts) -

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Collection.


I have a time machine.

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#6 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

I enjoyed the Tomb raider collection

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#7 Posted by soapman72 (2714 posts) -

Metal Gear!

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#8 Posted by InstantKlassick (1144 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid 

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#9 Posted by Sweenix (5957 posts) -

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Collection.


I have a time machine.


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#10 Posted by redmangoose (397 posts) -

How's the Hitman HD Collection for those who have played?

I bought 1,2, and blood money on steam but wasn't fond with the controls, especially the first one.