whats the best 2d platformer on the psp

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that isn't a remake, Prinny, or a collection of old games.

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Most of them are good. I mean you might get more out of the Capcom Collections (have an nice amount of them and an excellent classic called strider on the remixed capcom collection) Each game comes with more than 5 games so that nice. Remixed one is a bit better (strider, bionic commando, 1st street fighter is actually good, final fight, and some others). Really you should get both Prinny and Capcom Colelctions Remixed. If you wanna go by price go for Capcom Collections Remixed. Want something more new? then prinny but both are worth a try and getting.
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I didn't talk about Capcom Collections Reloaded much because well Remixed is about the same price new and used and it had better games to me. Both have some good gems I just played remixed more because of stirder and well more fun games.
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I really enjoyed Prinny myself, but I haven't really played any other 2d platformers on the PSP either.
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metal slug anthology. though the series is more on the action side, there are some platforming elements included in the games as well. 2D graphics in its full glory.

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probably Metal Slug and Prinny, but i think u don't like Prinny huh?