What're your favourite PSP games?

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#1 Posted by Speeny (1365 posts) -

I can only say for me it was Popolocrois. It's a shame we'll never see English translations of the original PS1 games though.

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Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee is my favorite. But I also like Castlevainia: Dracula X Chronicles. Oh and Class of Heroes.

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#3 Posted by SoNin360 (7051 posts) -

Never owned a PSP, but I did play the port of Persona 3 Portable on the Vita, which I enjoyed a lot.

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#4 Posted by WowMuchDogePL (3 posts) -

God of war chains of olympus, Gta Vice city stories and medievil : resurrection.

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#5 Posted by jellyWoo (7 posts) -

Monster hunter is the best.

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I really loved Kingdom Hearts, Ape Escape and Tales of Ethernia ;).

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I didn't have that many games for PSP. But, I consider Ghosts of Sparta, Dungeons and Dragons (quest maker), and Crisis Core as the best ones I have.

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Tekken 6. Sure, it would've been nice if Tekken had online multiplayer on the PSP, but I'm still hoping that one day I'll be able to get the homebrew solution for that to work.