What time does PSN store usually update?

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#1 Posted by HipHopBeats (2850 posts) -

EST or PST time zones.

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#2 Posted by Venom_Raptor (6958 posts) -

For me in the UK it's usually Wednesday afternoon.

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#3 Posted by MethodManFTW (26515 posts) -
Usually between noon cst and eight cst.. It's pretty much random.
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#4 Posted by hiryu3 (7312 posts) -
normally it is updated before I head to choir rehearsal around 6:30pm EST.
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#5 Posted by dalger21 (1895 posts) -
It's completely random. I've seen it update on Monday night and other times on Wed morning.
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#6 Posted by Sokol4ever (6692 posts) -

Majority of the time it updates between 5PM-9PM EST time zone on each Tuesday of the week.

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#7 Posted by gregbmil (2701 posts) -

Is there anything good coming in the update?

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#8 Posted by Sokol4ever (6692 posts) -

Usually there will be a preview on each Monday what we can expect. PlayStation blog is pretty standard website to keep track off.

Here is this weeks update, as of this writing, yesterday: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/11/27/playstation-store-update-267/