What does Sony mean that a Vita game is "Playable on PS3"

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I was browsing through my download list of Plus games when I came across some of the PS Vita games I've got (dont' have a vita) and something stood out to me.

What does this mean? I assume it means that the game can be downloaded to a PS3 and then deployed to a PS Vita. But why would sony say its "playable" on PS3? I know this is probably a very stupid question but I'd love an answer if anyone can help me. Thanks.

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They mean exactly how it sounds- the game can be played on either a PS3 or the Vita. This was common for the Minis games on the store.

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That particular case sounds like a mistake, Gravity Rush isn't playable on the PS3. Usually it means the game is indeed playable on both like Sly 4 or Dragon's Crown.

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Also some PS1 classics that play on both like I have Destruction Derby, Constructor, Bugs Life, Monsters Inc which I can play on the Vita, however Theme Park PS3 only :(