What are you doing with your PS3 at the moment?

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#1 Posted by MusashiSensi (9584 posts) -

Me? I replayed Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for the heck of it & as of right now it's just collecting dust. I am waiting for November to get here so I can play Uncharted 3.

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#2 Posted by doomguy9 (355 posts) -

My PS3 is gathering dust at the moment because there were almost no releases the last moth that I was interested in.
Currently waiting for Deus Ex to come out.

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#3 Posted by jcopp72 (5370 posts) -
i am waiting for Skyrim to come out but I have been playing Medal of Honor
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#4 Posted by Reptylus (1875 posts) -
Playing Splinter Cell and Sector 8: Prejudice; watching anime. Pretty much same as usual.
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#5 Posted by da_chub (3140 posts) -
PS3=KZ3/netflix Wii=Lost in Shadow/FF Crystal Bearers PC=Trine and L4d these are the games im playing right now on all my systems. PS3 is getting least use right now...waiting for UC3.
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#6 Posted by shoemen22 (466 posts) -
Playing the BFBC2 until BF3 comes out which will take up most of my time again :)
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#7 Posted by yellerbelly (1008 posts) -
I'm trying to get through my backlog of games - clearing the main story modes so they're ready for trading in for the glut of releases this autumn. Finished LA Noire and Dragon Age 2 this week. This weekend will probably mainly be BF:BC2/COD:BLOPS on PS3, and Gears 2 on xbox as my wife is away for the weekend.
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#8 Posted by Krigen89 (3907 posts) -
I'm playing Tiger Woods '12 right now, not much else going on. I stopped playing Infamous (was late to the party about this one) about 80% in, felt it became repetitive... I might get Uncharted 2 MP a try until UC3 comes out. I'm also a big NHL 11 fan, so I'll be very happy with 2012 comes out, they're always my most played games.
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#9 Posted by DanC1989 (50952 posts) -
Got a billion games that I'm slowly working my way through. :P FFXIII currently.
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#10 Posted by DrRockso87 (2640 posts) -

Did some trophy hunting in Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 and now working on finishing Resident Evil 5. At this rate, I'm surprised my PS3 hasn't exploded yet.

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#11 Posted by Dion2k7 (1353 posts) -

only just got mine and replaying grandia, ff7 and 8 are waiting in line due to childhood nostalgia, and multiplayerCOD Black ops with he odd bit of MAG.

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#12 Posted by enz2 (1689 posts) -

Nothing. Haven't played it in 2 months.

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#13 Posted by Megavideogamer (6368 posts) -

Cathrine is the last game I have played on PS3. I have not used my PS3 in 2 days. As of Augsust 19th 2011. Sorry Sony but I have been playing a competitors gaming machine.

Plus this fall I shall be PS3 ing very much. Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3. 2011 seems to be the year of "3". Since Battlefield 3 and Gears of War 3.

Most of the "3" games are on PS3.

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#14 Posted by elbert_b_23 (8247 posts) -
i have been getting a lot of old ds games for 5 to 10$ so right now my ps3 is being neglected but next week with sf3 coming out and the following week the The Baconing then my ps3 ill be getting more play but then again over half of my ps3 i haven't beaten so i need to try to play my ps3 more but so does my ds
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#15 Posted by hiryu3 (7313 posts) -
Right now it is off since I am at work. I am currently playing Motorstorm Apocalypse for the platinum(at level 24 and need to get to level 40), Harry Potter Deadly Hallows part 1, 3D Dot Game Heroes and replaying Metal Gear Solid 4
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#16 Posted by MethodManFTW (26516 posts) -
A lot of MvC3 and Splinter Cell HD..
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#17 Posted by Trebblebase (98 posts) -

Sporadically plying my games whilst quietly crying inside because all I want is the big releases coming this year.

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#18 Posted by killev (657 posts) -

playing as many games as possible before my school starts lol

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#19 Posted by OfficerLeach_ (419 posts) -

Im using it to play games on...

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#20 Posted by Phoenix534 (17774 posts) -

Trying to make it through Final Fantasy XIII but I keep getting distracted by PC games.

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#21 Posted by Aux99 (1689 posts) -

Nothing, I'm waiting for resistance 3

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#22 Posted by nathan8740 (423 posts) -
just watching a bluray of the dark knight right now.
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#23 Posted by ArchoNils2 (9754 posts) -

Haven't touched it for about a week, but it will be used this weekend to watch Paul, the alien movie, just released here on BR ^^ gamewise I'm playing Xenoblade (Wii), The world ends with you (NDS) and Age of Empires Online (PC) ATM

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#24 Posted by StealthMonkey4 (7434 posts) -

I'm doing the Vanquish tactical challenges, I've beat 1,2,3, and 5, and just need 4 and 6 (the hardest two :cry: ).

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#25 Posted by JohnnyWPSP (1895 posts) -
Atm i'm doing nothing cause i'm on holiday since 5 weeks. I got a lot of games though (inFamous 2, Dead Space, Resistance 2, Uncharted: DF, GTA IV, Killzone 2, Borderlands, Bioshock and RE5) since they are way cheaper in the US than in europe. These are gonna keep me busy for a while when i get home :P.
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#26 Posted by BiThBhE0 (1643 posts) -
My PS3 is collecting dust. Waiting for Uncharted 3.
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#27 Posted by Wolfetan (7522 posts) -

Wanting to buy a PS3 LOL.

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#28 Posted by Armlicker123 (25 posts) -
Right now, nothing. In an hour: Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Hoping my PS3 doesnt explode since its so hot here in Texas :O
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#29 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -
Going through Splinter Cell HD folllowed by the sequels. They don't make 'em like this anymore :(
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#30 Posted by sukraj (27508 posts) -

I'm playing Killzone 2.

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#31 Posted by GAMBIT1551 (384 posts) -

Playing through Infamous 1 since I just got the new PS3 Infamous 2 Bundle. As Good Cole since I already beat it as Evil Cole. Also, watching movies.

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#32 Posted by MushroomWig (11626 posts) -
Watching movies mainly, I haven't played any of my games for a couple of days now.
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#33 Posted by J-Man725 (6786 posts) -

Collecting dust mostly....Civilization IV on the PC has been eating up a lot of my time lately :P

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#34 Posted by Koi-Neon-X (2148 posts) -

I'm currently playing "Chrono Cross". Waiting for November 2011 and Uncharted 3!:)

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#35 Posted by lensflare15 (6614 posts) -

Trying to figure out how to make it work on the TV I have now... Hope I get it working soon since I itching to play again.

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#36 Posted by munkeypoo45 (3221 posts) -

im trying to play more. ive been borrowin games from my friends.

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#37 Posted by FroznYogurt (85 posts) -

Nothing, I got the Red Screen of Death. I turn it on every few weeks in hopes that it magically goes away but to no avail. :(

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#38 Posted by unrealtron (3148 posts) -
Playing online Red Dead Redemption ( I just finished the history mode) and racing in Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit.
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#39 Posted by Vanillamarble (232 posts) -
Finished Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare a week ago. Now playing Uncharted 2 online, waiting for Uncharted 3. Its going to be awesome.
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#40 Posted by blabbyboy (2614 posts) -
Waiting for skyrim. But ssfiv ae is keeping me occupied. :)
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#41 Posted by Namgis (3592 posts) -

Mine just sits on its shelf being ignored by an ungrateful owner. I love everything about the system, just have been going through a lull in interest. One of many through the years, wont be the last either.

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#42 Posted by mikeyMKII (754 posts) -

I'm finishing up the last 2 boss fights so I can plat Demon's Souls.

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#43 Posted by BlackDevil99 (2329 posts) -

ir's sitting downstairs collecting dust. it lost all usefullness when i got a blu-ray drive for my computer :)

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#44 Posted by Iridescent406 (126 posts) -

I'm just letting it sit there, until I can download Street Fighter 3rd Strike. I haven't gotten anything new in a while, but that'll change, come Deus Ex time.

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#45 Posted by Vyse_Legends (9387 posts) -

Since Breath of Fire IV was re-released on PSN I've pretty much been playing that all the time.:D

Ha ha! Childhood JRPG.:P

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#46 Posted by el3m2tigre (4232 posts) -

Just platinumed Infamous 2. Now i'm going to start playing Prototype.

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#47 Posted by Azzurri22 (168 posts) -

Playing ModNation Racers (late to the party) and Killzone 3 multiplayer mostly, when on my lonesome. A bit of Limbo and Castle Crashers PSN wise.

Playing through Dragon Age 2 with the wife and a little FIFA 11 with my bro.

The PS3 is also used for Play TV, and Bluray/DVD playback...so yeah no lack of usage here.

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#48 Posted by andrewp23 (25 posts) -
have been playing fifa 11 and assassins cered brotherhood mainly waiting for batman arkham city
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#49 Posted by Sweetbackhair (2914 posts) -
I'm taking it to college so my roomates and I can play it. But now I'm playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
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#50 Posted by LazyMushroom (914 posts) -

I've hardly played any games over the past few months. I will hopefully start playing again when more games are released later this year.