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#1 Posted by optiplex7 (738 posts) -

Hopefully ill be able to spam all you vita users with this app... just be tapping like crazy on your icons... wakey wakey.

Im hoping this "cheering on" aspect is what I hope it is... heh heh.

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#2 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -

I hope it doubles the volume of the person's alarm. ;)

Seriously, though, I love this idea. It always helps to have an alarm that actually engages you when you wake up.

Heh, and you can earn trophies for waking up on time! What's not to like?

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#3 Posted by Jehuty08 (1951 posts) -

I have to admit, when I first heard about them making an alarm app for the VITA, I figured it was useless, I have several of those already. now that I have more details about it though, it actaully seems kinda cool

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#4 Posted by Ovirew (8117 posts) -

I think it'll be a pointless waste of space, but I will probably try it out anyway. They need to release Picotto Knights. :D