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Seems like Sony is pushing VR stuff this year. It also seems there is some sort of negativity going on about how it has already failed. Still, I find myself interested in playing RE 7 and playing Wipeout among other games. Anybody out there have any thoughts on or already have a VR set?

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It's the best selling VR gear, heard it sold 4 million so it's doing great. Not only that but 40% of Sony's first party studios are working on VR titles, so watch for the PS5 being a big focus for Sony on the VR space.

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How has it failed? It’s only getting better.

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VR is the best seller right now to all the shops arround the world... Billion+ Users buying them and they never complaint for any bug reports or stucks to their screen....The truth is the price of it... It cost arround 100+ € Here @Greece... but still it's most populated virtual reality system ever released by Playstation....

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@DEVILinIRON: I have a PSVR and I really like it. I wish they had better controllers than the PlayStation Move controllers but they aren't deal breakers. I've played a fair amount of games such as Farpoint, Killing Floor Incursion, Superhot, Job Simulator, and Eve Valkyrie. Planning on getting Moss, Astro Bot, and Resident Evil 7 soon. It's a lot of fun and once you get used to the movement of whatever game you're playing and definitely brings a unique experience to gaming.

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Awesome. Thanks all! I get it on Friday!