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Seems like Sony is pushing VR stuff this year. It also seems there is some sort of negativity going on about how it has already failed. Still, I find myself interested in playing RE 7 and playing Wipeout among other games. Anybody out there have any thoughts on or already have a VR set?

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It's the best selling VR gear, heard it sold 4 million so it's doing great. Not only that but 40% of Sony's first party studios are working on VR titles, so watch for the PS5 being a big focus for Sony on the VR space.

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How has it failed? It’s only getting better.

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VR is the best seller right now to all the shops arround the world... Billion+ Users buying them and they never complaint for any bug reports or stucks to their screen....The truth is the price of it... It cost arround 100+ € Here @Greece... but still it's most populated virtual reality system ever released by Playstation....

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@DEVILinIRON: I have a PSVR and I really like it. I wish they had better controllers than the PlayStation Move controllers but they aren't deal breakers. I've played a fair amount of games such as Farpoint, Killing Floor Incursion, Superhot, Job Simulator, and Eve Valkyrie. Planning on getting Moss, Astro Bot, and Resident Evil 7 soon. It's a lot of fun and once you get used to the movement of whatever game you're playing and definitely brings a unique experience to gaming.

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Awesome. Thanks all! I get it on Friday!

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It's actually really good. Take aside any talk of vive or rift, it's just really good fun.

Astrobot is amazing.

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Its a great experience

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Well I tried VR a couple of times and I can say it's really got potential especially for social games but I wouldn't buy a headset, my thoughts because I prefer the standard.

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@DEVILinIRON: I have tried it... and its cool, for some time. I never felt that I was relaxing with it. After a hard day of work, switch on ps4 and just relax, never could get that feeling with VR. It's demanding a lot of concentration. Maybe Im old fashioned but I really like to hold controller and stare at a TV. Maybe if the resolution would be a bit better, than I would enjoy it a bit more, but at this point of time, for me, it was just " meah" .

And all the wires just to connect it, a lot of wires. The real problem is when you play it on regular ps4, the fps and picture quality can really make you nauseas. I've tried HTC vibe on a hi-end PC and it was really something, maybe if PS5 will have that quality of VR, I will conceder buying it. But for me, its was just better to rent it from a friend for a weekend, try all the best things it offers (RE7 was quite awesome, to be honest ) and wait for a better VR set from Sony.

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Just like with mobile games, VR needed games developed from the ground up for it, not flatscreen stuff ported over. That's why now we're really beginning to see VR gaining real momentum, because of games custom-made to take advantage of VR's capabilities as opposed to ports like Skyrim VR and Borderlands 2 VR, which although fun, have rough edges and limits what you can do compared to games like The London Heist, Astrobot or Superhot VR.

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Sony has won in this VR generation so far, they reused the camera and move controllers (that were a little bit dead...) and make much more sellings with PSVR than Oculus or HTC do...

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Haven't tried PSVR but I wholeheartedly support any progress in the realm of virtual reality.

It is way too immersive an experience to simply cast aside as a fad, gimmick, or something unimportant. What's more, it's already a lot better than it was in previous generations (believe it or not, VR has been tried many times before, I remember seeing it when I was a kid like 25 years ago) and will only get better.

Can't wait for smaller headsets, wireless, and higher resolution. Would love to see controllers you can wear like gloves, or even better, wear like rings. The ideal for me is the same imersiveness as it has now, only with better resolution and the comfort of having almost nothing on your head and hands.