VIDEO - Needs a $50 price cut

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Now isn't the time to let M$ walk off with the press. And before anyone gets on me, I've bought the 360 on launch, had 7 of them break, and have yet to leap to the next gen. Frankly, the only games I'm looking forward to playing are Alien: Isolation, Mirror's Edge 2, and Arkham Knight.

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Sony needs money. Their financial situation is bleak, and that's putting it nicely. Yes, they could potentially sell more of them with a price drop, but I don't see this happening any time within the next year, at least. The system is already selling quite well.

Traditionally, consoles have a market lifespan of 7-10 years, so the PS4 and Xbox One are still newborns. I wouldn't worry about 4k affecting them either, as 4k TV's are still far too expensive and there is a severe lack in 4k content, despite what Samsung seem to be saying. If 4k ever becomes relevant to the mainstream, it won't happen soon. Most people buy consoles for games and services, not because they want or care about superior hardware.

If PS4 sales took a surprise nosedive, maybe. But with so much software already announced, and more to be revealed at E3, Gamescom, TGS, I think the PS4 price will be steady. There will no doubt be plenty of bundles ahead, though.

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Nah, US can get a $25 price increase if anything.

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The PS4 is already selling like hotcakes, sony doesn't need to cut the price! As long as they focus on their exclusives, the system will continue to sell well!!!

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I think it's crazy to be thinking about a price cut already. It's not like the Xbox One is getting a price cut, it's always been a $400 system. They're just taking away the Kinect, which seems to be an almost vital component of the Xbox One, and saying "Hey! Now you can buy an Xbox One for $400!". Okay, so even if you don't agree with that, it's not like Sony is struggling to sell the PS4. Would a price cut encourage even more people to buy it? Sure. But they're actually profiting off of their hardware this time around, if I recall correctly. I don't see why they would want to take that away from themselves. Personally, I still think $400 is a great price point for the PS4. I would obviously love to see a price cut given that I don't have a PS4 yet, but I'm not expecting one anytime soon or necessarily waiting for one.